Interested in Living On Campus

Hello Bulldogs!

As we approach the end of the Fall semester and prepare for the Spring semester, we are reaching out to inquire if you are interested in living on campus in the Spring.

You have received prior off-campus approval through our office, so you do not need to petition to live off-campus again as you will continue to be exempt from the residential living requirement as long as continue to meet the off-campus exemption criteria and are in good standing We are planning that you will continue to live off campus for the Spring 2024 semester, if this is correct no further action is needed from you.

Residence Life and Housing strives to establish an educational living and learning environment for students to enhance their academic experience. The department is committed to its mission of Building Lasting Communities of Learning and strives to do so by meeting its goals:

  • Resident engagement
  • Staff experience
  • Overall morale

Studies show an increase in diversity awareness and understanding, student- faculty interactions, and engagement in collaborative learning by students who live on campus in a liberal arts school. Redlands is known for its sense of community and our Resident Assistants play an important role in creating supportive communities for their residents by planning hall activities and programs that any student can take part of. Residence Life and Housing strives to ensure residents feel safe to be themselves, explore their identities and learn and grow together; as well as help new roommates learn how to communicate with each other, share a living space and respect diversity. Additional benefits of living on campus include:

  • Ease of access to campus resources. By living on campus, you are surrounded by all of the academic, mental health, athletic, and social resources and support the University offers.
  • Public Safety is available 24-hours a day, there are cameras throughout the campus, and we have the blue light system and the RAVE guardian app.
  • Greater sense of community. Since students who live on campus are among their peers, there is a stronger sense of community with the people they’re living with. Additionally, the RA to Resident relationship helps to deepen this community connection.

If you are interested in living on campus, you can complete the Return to Housing Form on your MyRedlands Housing Portal under Applications and Forms by November 27th. The Return to Housing Form is where you provide our office with your community, room size and roommate preferences.

Below you will find links to our 2023-24 room rates, meal plan options and eligibility, and our Resident Assistant staff.

Room Rates:

Meal Plans:

Interested in becoming a Resident Assistant:

Should you have any questions, please email Residence Life and Housing at

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