February Updates from Residence Life & Housing

Hello Bulldogs!

Can you believe it's already February? We hope the semester has been treating you well so far, and Residence Life and Housing is back with a lot of important reminders regarding Spring Break, off campus petitions and quad application, and room draw!

Spring Break: 

All housing remains open during Spring Break, February 26th-March 1st. Historically, given the number of students who depart for Spring Break, the University has not included the week of spring break into the Spring meal plan and Harvest Table has closed for students. In an effort to provide students with access to meals on campus during the week of Spring Break limited service will be available the week of Spring Break (times and locations forthcoming). However, meal plan swipes will not be accepted over the break. Dining Dollars, DCB, cash, and credit will still be accepted.

Application and Petitions

  • Off Campus Petition - due Friday, March 8th This petition is for those who meet one of the four residential requirement exemption criteria and would like to receive off campus approval for the 2024-25 academic year. Students who already have off campus approval do not need to reapply.
  • Quad Application - due Friday, March 8th This application is for those students who are interested in living in a 4-person occupancy room. Quad rooms are located in Cortner Hall. Placements in these rooms are reviewed in collaboration with Student Financial Services (SFS) due to limited inventory and priority is given to those with financial need.
  • Housing Accommodations - due by March 15th  Students interested in requesting a housing accommodation for the coming year must complete the Accommodations Process with Academic Success and Accessibility (ASA). 

Prepare for Room Draw

Room Draw is the process where you select your housing assignment and roommates for next year on your housing portal. You will be assigned a participation selection date and time based on your class standing and GPA. You will receive an email from RLH in late March with your participation date and time. Room Draw will take place from April 1st- 4th and during the week you will have the opportunity to select your housing assignment for next year. As a reminder, spaces will be available on a first come first serve basis. To prepare for a successful housing selection, we encourage you to update your personal profile and start searching for roommates / suitemates.

Personal Profiles

Your personal profile is an opportunity to share information about yourself and what you're looking for in your roommate experience. When it comes to living with other students, you may be surprised to find someone with very different interests can still share many of the same living traits that are important in a good roommate, for example similar sleep or cleanliness habits. We ask that you review your personal profile and make any updates should it have changed since the last time you reviewed it.

  • Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal and click on Personal Profile
  • Then click on My Info and select Fall 2024 from the menu labeled For the Term.
  • After completing the information and clicking Save at the bottom of the page, click on Roommate Profile to provide additional contact and personal information.
  • Remember to click Update Roommate Profile at the bottom of the page to save.
  • After the Room Draw process has finished, Residence Life and Housing staff will use the information from the personal profiles to place students who did not participate in selecting a housing assignment, reconfigure some housing arrangements to optimize placements, and facilitate the Waiting List requests.

Roommate(s)/Suitemate(s) Matching

You are now able to create your roommate /suitemate group for Fall 2024 on your housing portal.

  • Visit the MyRedlands Housing Portal and click on Housing and Roommate Selection
  • Then click on Select Roommates and select Fall 2024 from the menu labeled For the Term
  • You will find that you are able to view search and match with roommate(s) and / or suitemate(s)
  • If you find a student you think would be a good fit, click Request Roommate to notify the student of your interest and to prompt them to review your request.
  • You will find roommate requests sent to you listed under Pending Roommate Requests. Approve matches with all students of which you plan to share a room and/or suite-style living arrangement.
  • You will see the students you have matched with under Roommate Requests.
  • You must be fully matched with all planned roommates or suitemates in order to go through the Room Draw process as a group.

During the Room Draw process, you will identify a roommate or suitemate designation for each matched student, while also placing them in a particular bed arrangement.

Current Room Vacancies

In the event you have an empty space in your room or apartment, now or in the future, a roommate may be assigned to your room. For this reason, remember the bed and furniture for this space must remain available at all times.

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Should you have any questions, please contact Residence Life and Housing at RLH@redlands.edu

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