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Important VA Updates

VA Updates

The University of Redlands would like to take a moment to remember the service members and their families, as November 11th is Veterans Day. Our country will forever be indebted to their selfless sacrifice and bravery. Our rights and liberty would not be as safe as they are today without their service and family commitment and devotion to our country.

Messages for Our Veterans

Thank you so much for your sacrifice in the name of freedom! Joey Mariani, University of Redlands Athletics

Thank you to all those who serve and who have served our beautiful country. We are grateful for your bravery. God Bless. D.H., University of Redlands

Salute and a special THANK YOU to all those who have or are currently serving this County! Today I celebrate you!!! I am thankful for the sacrifice you made to ensure the freedom of all of us in the USA. May you always be Blessed. My prayer/dream/wish is that no Veteran is cold, hungry, or unable to address health issues. Housing, food, and healthcare should be given to all Veterans. Jennifer Guzman, University of Redlands, Campus Services, School of Business & Society

I have deep gratitude for the men and women who serve our country so that we may have the freedoms that we all deserve as human beings. We don't always see or appreciate your work, but it is felt in the way we are able to live our lives in freedom. I wish to acknowledge you and your families for your service and sacrifices so that my own family can feel safe within our borders. Angie Bynon, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society

Thank you for serving our country and committing your time to protect our freedoms. You are truly valued and appreciated, and it is my hope that you feel this today and every day. Thank you. Logan Moses, University of Redlands, Student Financial Services

 As a Veteran myself, I understand your service today may be different from mine, but we share a true common bond to protect our great nation. Semper Fi Anchors Away Be all you can be Fly, Fight, and Win Semper Paratus Semper Supra. Keri Then, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society

Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice. It is because of your bravery and passion that we are allowed to have the freedoms that we enjoy. Your dedication does not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated. Wendy Everhart, University of Redlands College of Arts & Sciences, Dean’s Office

As an active-duty service member and a current student at UofR, I must reiterate my gratitude for my wife and children. They sometimes unknowingly make the more significant sacrifices as they, without question, will stand fast while I am engaged in my studies and while I am across the world doing good work. Without them, I couldn't do what I must do. Thank you to all the military's support systems and thank you to our Redlands community for being patriotic. It goes a long way.   Anthony Carvalho, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society

Thank you for your service and dedication. We appreciate you and admire you! Rachel Roche, University of Redlands, Bulldog Athletics

Your sacrifices, past, present, and future mean so much to every American. Thank you. Jennifer Shedd, University of Redlands, Counseling Center

Thank you for your service. Brian Charest, University of Redlands, Teaching & Learning

Thank you for your dedication and service to our country! Danielle McConnell, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society

Blessed to live in a country where complete strangers will not only put their lives on the line to protect everything I care for and believe in but ask for nothing in return. True valor cannot even begin to describe those who served in our American Armed Forces. For citizens, to volunteers, to heroes. Let every solider be a reminder that ANYONE is capable of amazing feats whether they be man, woman, child, or animal.

I thank the many men and women of this country who have voluntarily served and put themselves in the front lines to defend our great country from domestic and foreign threats. Without your generosity, we wouldn't have the many liberties we have today. Because of your sacrifices, we can all look forward to tomorrow, thank you. David Dominguez, University of Redlands, School of Business & Society

Thank you for your service to this country as a whole and to every individual family within it. Abriana Marshall

I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to serve within the military or to be a spouse or child of someone who is or has served. And although I cannot begin to understand the blessings, the challenges, the physical and emotional scars, and the honor that encompasses the life of veterans, active members, and their families, I want to share my deep appreciation for the commitment you have for this country and all of us who relish in our daily freedoms. My hope is that your life and the lives of your families will be honored in ways that we have yet to see. May we as a country have a better understanding, respect, love, and willingness to serve you as you have gone above and beyond to serve our country! Kieshauna Choice, University of Redlands, School of Education

A belated thanks for your service! Steven Moore, University of Redlands, Center for Spatial Studies





The Military and Veterans Department provides military members, veterans, and their families with the highest level of support, dedication, and services in order to ensure they achieve their educational goals in a supportive environment with adequate and appropriate resources and support staff.


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