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CAS Undergraduate Residential Requirement

Are students required to live on campus?

The University is a residential campus and requires students to live on campus for the duration of their undergraduate experience. Studies show an increase in diversity awareness and understanding, student- faculty interactions, and engagement in collaborative learning by students who live on campus in a liberal arts school. Redlands is known for its sense of community and our Resident Assistants play an important role in creating supportive communities for their residents by planning hall activities and programs that any student can take part of. To ensure residents feel safe to be themselves, explore their identities and learn and grow together. As well as help new roommates learn how to communicate with each other, share a living space and respect diversity.

It is for these reasons, the only petitions reviewed for off-campus status are those that have met one of the residential requirement exemption criteria. To learn more about the process visit our Off Campus Petition Process webpage.

Room Rates

How much is a room?

Housing rates vary based on room type and meal plan selections. Our current academic year room rates can be viewed on our Room Rates webpage.

Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations Process

Who do I talk to about requesting housing accommodations?

Any student requesting housing accommodations (i.e. single room, air-conditioning, apartment, etc.) for physical or mental health needs are instructed to complete the Accommodations Process with Academic Success and Accessibility (ASA). This process allows students to provide information about any medical diagnoses and request accommodations. We encourage students to review this information and submit any necessary paperwork as quickly as possible to be reviewed by the Accommodations Committee for consideration. Should a student be approved for housing accommodations, RLH is notified and based on the current availability, RLH will make housing adjustments to meet those accommodations.

No Roommate Assigned

What will happen if there is a vacancy in my room?

While we try to match students with roommates prior to moving in, there are times when students may be faced with a vacancy in their room.  In these cases, Residence Life and Housing will continue to work to create roommate matches, whether through consolidation with another student(s) with a vacancy or by offering vacant spaces to students looking to change rooms for a variety of reasons.  When contacted about a new potential roommate or consolidation, we request that students are open and friendly to one another.  

MyRedlands Housing Portal

How do I select my room?

  • All new students can select their roommates on their MyRedlands Housing Portal on the Housing and Roommate Selection tab in the left hand toolbar. By clicking on Select Roommates and filtering the term, students will find and view other new student profiles.
  • All new students will have their room assigned to them, considering their personal preferences, New/Transfer Student Housing Intention Form, matched roommates, and availability. They will be able to select their own room during the rest of their time at Redlands.

Students seeking accommodation due to a medical/physical/psychological need, are highly encouraged to complete an Accommodation Request with Academic Success and Disability Services.

Generic Housing

Why does my portal say I have been placed in Generic Housing? 

For billing purposes, a student’s housing assignment, which can be found under Assignments on the MyRedlands Housing Portal, will reflect "Generic Housed". Generic Housing is a placeholder used while assignments are being processed. Students are assigned this category which is replaced by the assigned hall and room once assignments are complete.

Gender Inclusivity

I would like to live in a gender-inclusive environment/What is All-Gendered Housing?

Housing at Redlands allows any student to live with any student, provided all parties consent to the arrangement. To learn more, view our Housing Policies here.

Staff and Resources

Resident Assistants (RA)

Who is a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are full time University of Redlands students who have had intensive training and serve as facilitators for community building. RAs facilitate programs, serve on the duty on call rotation and are trained in crisis management.

Learn more about your Resident Assistants on this page

Community Coordinators (CC)

Who is a Community Coordinator?

Community Coordinators (CCs) are staff members that have a Master’s degree or are graduate students pursing a Master’s degree. CCs work with Resident Assistants (RAs) to provide residents with University resources and develop positive residential communities.


Amenities and Vendors


What does the school provide in the rooms?

In the residence halls, the furniture provided includes a bed, desk, set of drawers or a dresser, closet or wardrobe, and chair. In the apartments, limited living room furniture, as well as a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, are provided.

Can risers be put on the bedposts to give a little extra storage space?

Almost all the beds in the residence halls can be raised with a request to our Facilities team once students arrive on campus. You might also consider bed risers to give students extra storage space underneath the beds. Commercial bed risers that cup the legs are the only bed lifting mechanism permitted for use and are used at the student’s own risk. Other types of rising items, such as cinder blocks or DIY construction, are not allowed.

Will storage trunks fit under their beds?

While it depends on the size of the trunk and the adjusted height of the bed, most trunks do fit under beds. It is recommended that storage containers be purchased after move-in to ensure that proper measurements can be taken since there are a few different bed models throughout the communities. All beds in the rooms are height adjustable. This means the bed can be made taller to fit storage underneath. Upon arrival, should you want your bed raised, or even lowered, please let an RA know and they will communicate with the Facilities Management team who are available throughout the move-in day, to visit your room and make the adjustment.

Do students have access to a refrigerator and microwave in their community?

All students have access to a common refrigerator and microwave in the community’s kitchen. While students are not permitted to have a microwave, they are able to have a mini fridge of their own(maximum 4 cu ft).


Where are the Laundry Facilities Located?

The residence halls, organization houses, and apartment complex on campus have access to a community laundry facility. While most laundry rooms are located within the residence halls, a few communities have external facilities.  East Hall's laundry room is located on the east side of Orton Center, Brockton's room is on the north side of the community building in Block A.

What are the Laundry Charges?

Current laundry costs are $2.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry.




Can we ship packages by UPS to the student mailbox numbers?

Yes! Student Mail Center

Air Conditioners and Swamp Coolers

What are the rules on portable air conditioners or swamp coolers?

Portable air conditioners are not permitted; these devices draw so much power they can knock out the electricity to entire buildings. Evaporative coolers with power usage up to 120 volts of electricity at 300 watts are allowed. When using these devices, please make sure to read the user manual thoroughly; as these items use ice and water to cool spaces, they can emit a mildew smell if not cleaned properly. Fans are also permitted. Using a fan, covering windows with blinds closed, and keeping the overhead lights off during the day can go a long way to helping keep a room cool on warmer days.

Student Renters Insurance

Where can I purchase Student Property Insurance?

GradGuard helps students and families protect their investment in higher education. Many families rely on GradGuard to provide exclusive benefits and insurance programs that help students complete their education. For more information, visit the GradGuard website.

Internet Connection

Is there an Ethernet connection available in each dorm room?

Wi-Fi is provided in all residence halls and buildings on campus. Ethernet ports are being phased out and, while there may be a port connection available in a room, most no longer work as resources have been allocated in favor of Wi-Fi.


Do I need a parking permit?

Parking permits are free of charge. Students bringing a vehicle(s) to campus are required to register their vehicle(s) with the Department of Public Safety and obtain a current parking permit.

Is there indoor bike parking on campus?

There are multiple bike racks available throughout campus for students to lock their bikes. Bike racks are located in the front or back of residential buildings. California Hall and Melrose Hall have indoor bike storage.

Meal Plan


How much are meal plans?

The meal plans, location hours, and FAQ can be reviewed on Harvest Table's webpage.

How do I change my meal plan?

College of Arts and Sciences students will automatically be enrolled in a meal plan. Final meal plan selections must be made on a student’s MyRedlands Housing Portal by the first Friday after classes begin each semester.

Instructions on how to change a meal plan: How to Select or Change a Meal Plan

Changing a Meal Plan

How do I change my meal plan?

All students are automatically enrolled in a meal plan. They will have to go into their Housing Portal to change their meal plan by the first Friday after classes start.

Instructions on how to change a meal plan: How to Select or Change a Meal Plan

Move-in and Opening

Move-in Day and Important Housing Dates & Information

Where can I find Important Housing Dates? 

Important Housing Dates.


What to bring

What can I bring to move-in?

Essentials to Bring Optional Items to Bring Items you MUST LEAVE AT HOME
XL twin bed linens, pillows and towels Computer, television, radio and electronics Microwave
Toiletries, shower caddy and shower shoes Power strip, surge protector Halogen lamps
Electronic chargers Desk lamp Air conditioning units
Room decorations Flashlight Candles and incense
Personal items to make your room feel like home Fans  Open coil hot plates or cooking units
Clothes and hangers Storage bins Cinder blocks
Laundry bag and detergent (no powder or pods) Refrigerator (maximum 4 cu ft) Hoverboard
Personal medication Eating utensils and dishes Pets
School supplies and backpack Cleaning supplies Weapons (including firearms, pellet/airsoft guns, paint guns, Mace/tear gas, ANY knives/blades greater than 2.5" in length, etc.)


Room Tour

How can I take a housing tour?

  • You can schedule a tour with our Admissions team to schedule a campus visit.

Dorm Room Wall Hangings

What are the rules regarding hanging items on the walls of the dorm rooms?

Students are permitted and encouraged to decorate their rooms. We recommend blue painter’s tape to stick items to the wall, as it will not leave residue behind of damage walls. If walls are damaged by duct tape, sticky tack, nails, and related items, the student’s account will be billed. Items can not be hung from emergency equipment, such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, alarm lights, etc.; damage to these items can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and we want to help avoid this expense!

Housing Over Academic Breaks

Are the residence halls open during breaks?

The residential communities remain open during Study Days, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, and May Term Break.

Winter Break

All residential communities close for Winter Break and students must be out of the halls by the date and time specified on RLH’s Important Dates. If winter break housing is needed, students are asked to submit a Winter Break Housing Petition on their MyRedlands Housing Portal.


Move-out and Closing

Move Out Instructions

When do students need to move out of their dorms?

The date varies each year and can be found on the Residence Life and Housing web page. Dates will also be announced in general communications from, which will include your student’s housing confirmation. Students are encouraged to check for emails daily and thoroughly read messages sent by Residence Life, as they can contain vital details such as move-out days, instructions to request winter break, etc. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure they are reading emails providing updates. Students can also follow @resliferedlands on Instagram for highlights and programs throughout the year.

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