The most common items stolen on campus are bicycles, laptop computers, wallets, backpacks, skateboards, and books.  For the most part these thefts are crimes of opportunity, with items left out, unprotected or unattended.  Please keep all wallets, checkbooks, credit cards and cash in your possession and out of sight at all times.  Leaving items on desks, in offices or backpacks makes them significantly more vulnerable to theft.  If you do leave these items in your room or office, be sure the door is closed and locked.  Ideally, backpacks should be within your view at all times.  You also should not leave items (e.g., laptop computer, iPod, cell phone, wallet, purse, etc.) visible in your car. It is advisable for students to insure expensive items through additional insurance policies or family policies.  Students are encouraged to record the make, model, serial numbers and other identifying information on computers, electronic equipment, cameras, televisions and other valuable items.  These records should be kept in a safe place, other than on your computer.  Bicycles and laptop computers should be registered with the Department of Public Safety for the purpose of recording accurate descriptions and serial numbers of that property in the event of loss or theft.