Emergency Disaster Procedures

The University has established a plan to provide guidance in a major emergency.  It is essential that all members of the University community are familiar with certain basic steps that should be followed during a large-scale disaster.  Initial actions vary depending on the circumstance, and as always, common sense should be the guide. When an emergency is declared and evacuation ordered, or when it becomes obvious that evacuation is necessary, all students are to report to the appropriate evacuation assembly site as instructed by Residence Life staff.  Residence Life staff will assist students as needed, verify attendance, and keep students in their assigned evacuation assembly areas until all persons are accounted for.  Students are asked to remain at the evacuation assembly site until otherwise instructed.  Do not attempt to re-enter any building until you are advised that it is safe to do so.

If a particular residence hall requires closure due to structural damage and cannot be occupied, students in other halls will be expected to temporarily accommodate additional roommates as needed.

A Student Affairs Coordination Point will be established and announced during a major emergency.  Information obtained from outside the University will be posted at the Coordination Point.  This will include messages and information regarding travel restrictions. As soon as possible after the emergency, a bank of telephones will be established at the Coordination Point.  These telephones will be used to allow students to contact their families.

Injured persons able to move should go, or be taken, to the Student Affairs Coordination Point.  A First Aid Station will be set up at that location and assistance will be available from the University Health Center nurses, athletic trainers, and other trained personnel. Students who have questions about the disaster plan should contact their Resident Director for additional information.

Click here for descriptions of various campus emergency policies and procedures.  Please familiarize yourself with them.  If you have any further questions regarding the topics noted, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Safety (on-campus ext. 8888 or off-campus (909) 748-8888), a Residence Life staff member or the Student Affairs Office (ext. 8053) for further explanation.

The University maintains inventory of emergency medical, food, water, and other necessary supplies stored in various secured locations on campus.