Emergency Telephones

For your safety and use, 40 Emergency Telephones are located throughout the campus (see Campus Map page).  The red button automatically dials directly to the Public Safety dispatch center.  The Emergency Telephone system is tested on a weekly basis by Public Safety and Information Technology staff.  The 16 residence hall phones are at the following locations:

  • Anderson Hall (front & rear entrances)
  • Bekins Hall (front entrance)
  • Bekins-Holt Hall (front & rear entrances)
  • Cal-Founders Hall (front entrance)
  • Cortner Hall (front entrance)
  • East Hall (front & rear entrances)
  • Fairmont Hall (front entrance)
  • Grossmont Hall (front entrance)
  • Melrose Hall (east side)
  • Merriam Hall (front entrance)
  • North Hall (front entrance)
  • Williams Hall (front & rear entrances)


There are also 8 wall-mounted telephones, identified by a blue light.  They are located at the following locations:

  • Armacost Library (west side of main entrance)
  • Art Studio (east side)
  • Facilities Management (northwest corner)
  • Grossmont Hall (west side)
  • Hedco Hall (east side)
  • Hornby Hall (south side)
  • Peppers Art Gallery (west side)
  • Willis Center (outside Public Safety)


There are 16 other telephones, identified with a blue light, around campus. They are located at:

  • Ann Peppers Art Center (south side)
  • Armacost Library (southeast side)
  • Brockton Apartments
  • Currier Gym (southeast side)
  • Fraternity Row (north parking lot)
  • Gannett Center (west side)
  • Hedco Hall (east side parking lot)
  • Hentschke Hall (east side)
  • Labyrinth (south side)
  • Orton Center (northwest corner)
  • Stauffer Science Center (interior quad)
  • Ted Runner Stadium/Thompson Aquatic Center (entrance)
  • Truesdail Center (east side)
  • University Hall (east side)
  • Willis Center (west side)
  • Women’s Softball Field