Public Safety and Emergency Management


Message from the Chief

On behalf of the men and women of the University of Redlands Department of Public Safety, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Public Safety website. I can assure you that our number one goal on and around the campus is to provide for the highest level of safety, service, and protection of our students, administration, staff, faculty, and guests. As a 24-hour, 7-day per week, year-round provider of service, we are committed to ensuring the safest environment where your educational goals, social engagements, and recreational activities can be attained in the safest manner possible.

The Public Safety team is comprised of the Chief, Assistant Chief, Lieutenant, two Sergeants, two Corporals, and eight patrol officers. Collectively there are more than 400 years of prior law enforcement experience amongst the Public Safety personnel. We also have a support staff which includes Dispatchers and Student Workers. Every one of these professionals is committed to your safety.

Working Together for a Safe Campus Community

The University of Redlands, Department of Public Safety works collaboratively with each and every stakeholder in the internal and surrounding communities of the campus and you are an integral part of that relationship. We strive to create and maintain a positive atmosphere that enables and encourages learning in a safe, efficient, and responsible environment. In addition to these efforts, it is imperative that everyone maintains a proactive and responsible approach towards their personal safety.

The University enjoys a long standing strong and cooperative relationship with the City of Redlands as well as the Redlands Police and Fire Departments. This partnership has proven itself to be mutually beneficial throughout the years. The University employs a proactive approach to safety which includes four interactive components: Education; Prevention; Intervention; and Enforcement. Each of these components requires the cooperative commitment from everyone who attends, visits, or works within the University community.

I invite you to browse this site to acquaint yourself with the Department of Public Safety and the services we provide. I hope you will find this website both helpful and informative. I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you may offer that may assist us in our continued efforts in providing the most effective and efficient public safety services to the University of Redlands community.