Parking and Vehicle Storage Policy

Parking Policy

  1. All students and employees must register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety and receive a parking permit. Registration allows Public Safety to contact the owner of a vehicle if there are problems with the vehicle or if the vehicle must be moved.  All parking permit fees for employees are included with their benefits.  All parking permit fees for students are included with their tuition.
  2. Parking permits must be properly displayed by hanging it on the rear view mirror or placed face-up plainly visible through the front windshield at all times.  If you have multiple vehicles, please complete a registration form for each vehicle, and a permit will be issued for each.  
  3. Unauthorized vehicles parked in fire lanes, “no parking” zones, visitor parking, or disabled zones are subject to citation and/or removal at the owner’s expense.
  4. Citations may be issued for the following violations: 
    1. Failure to properly display parking permit
    2. Parked in Visitor Zone
    3. Parked in Loading Zone
    4. Vehicle not parked in marked space
    5. Parked in Red Zone
    6. Parked in Handicap Zone
    7. Parked near Fire Hydrant (within 15 feet)
    8. Blocking driveway or traffic flow
    9. Blocking Fire Lane or Emergency Access
    10. Double Parked
    11. Failure to stop at posted stop sign
    12. Failure to stop at posted stop sign
    13. Exceeding speed limit or safe speed for conditions
    14. Other violations or unsafe conditions
  5. Citation appeals may be filed online through the Department of Public Safety within 10 days of receiving a parking citation. 
  6. Vehicle maintenance other than minor adjustments or cleaning should occur away from campus. Maintenance involving hazardous waste (oil, gas, and other fluids) is prohibited. 

Vehicle Storage Policy

It is the policy of the University of Redlands to prohibit the storage or abandonment of any vehicle on University property. It is permissible for students to leave their vehicles on campus throughout the academic year including the vacation breaks for up to 45 days. 

  2. Vehicles stored or abandoned by persons having no relationship to the University may be removed at any time.  
  3. Vehicles posing a safety threat (e.g., fluid leakage, broken glass, etc.) may be removed immediately.  
  4. Any expense incurred by the University related to the removal of a vehicle is the responsibility of the registered owner, permit holder, or violator. Associated charges will be assessed against the student’s account, if applicable.