Off-Campus Safety

Public Safety Officers do not have jurisdiction, nor as a general practice, provide services to off-campus non-University owned properties.  Public Safety Officers may assist the Redlands Police Department on calls at locations adjacent to or near the University involving University students, if requested to do so.  The University does not have any designated non-campus property utilized by student organizations.  Information gathered by Public Safety Officers, while assisting Redlands Police Department, regarding student arrests or Code of Student Conduct violations are forwarded to Student Affairs for administrative action.

If you are concerned for your immediate safety, dial 911 to contact the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction for the location where you are.  Public Safety Officers for the University of Redlands do not respond to off-campus locations for report calls, but will gladly assist you in getting the Redlands Police Department or other local law enforcement agency to respond to your location.  Public Safety Officers have direct radio communications with the Redlands Police and Fire Departments which facilitates immediate response in emergency situations.

Students living off campus should follow these precautions:

  • Install and use deadbolt locks and a peephole on your doors. Police officers, salesmen or repair technicians on legitimate business will display credentials whenever asked. Be sure to request identification, or call a visitor's business, before admitting an unknown visitor into your home. Do not open your door to strangers in need; instead offer to call for assistance. Windows should also have effective locking devices.

  • If you live alone, don't advertise it. Use only your first initial and last name on your mailbox or in the telephone directory.

  • When moving into a house or apartment, it's wise to have the door locks changed. Previous owners, tenants or past employees may still have keys.

  • If you receive a wrong number telephone call, do not give the caller your name, number, address or any information to indicate you are alone. Don't prolong the conversation. If you received an obscene call, hang up immediately and notify the Redlands Police Department.

  • Window shades and drapes should be drawn after dark. Leave lights on in two or more rooms to indicate presence of other persons.

  • Apartment laundry rooms, parking garages and elevators can be environments for trouble. Be alert and cautious. If your suspicions are aroused, avoid the area. If you are in one of these locations when a suspicious person enters, leave at the earliest opportunity and seek areas where other people are present.

  • Do not be embarrassed to exit an elevator or stairwell on a floor you did not intend to visit. If you are followed, do not hesitate to scream or defend yourself in any way possible. Potential attackers typically avoid confrontation or verbal attention.

  • Get to know your neighbors so you can watch out for each other and provide mutual protection.