Shared Governance Initiative Update - February 2024

Dear University Community,

The Shared Governance Task Force held its kickoff meeting on February 8, 2024. This is a pivotal step in our commitment to fostering transparency and collaboration across our campus. The task force conversation reminds us vividly of the aspirations of community and contribution that brought us all to higher education.

Task Force Update

Our kickoff meeting, facilitated by Dr. Danny Anderson (President Emeritus, Trinity University), was marked by a spirit of openness and a shared vision for the future. Dr. Anderson’s guidance reminded us that shared governance is not merely a process but a journey—a journey towards a stronger, more inclusive university community.

During our discussions, voices from every corner of our campus—Trustees, Administrators, Faculty from across all schools, Staff, and Students—came together to articulate their hopes and aspirations for the University of Redlands. Grounded in our strategic plan “Forward Together,” we centered our conversation on the fundamental principles of student success and community empowerment.

We are now in the process of reviewing sample statements of shared governance and decision matrices, laying the groundwork for our own unique framework. The statement of shared governance formulates the ideals of collaboration and cooperation that shape shared governance practices. Additionally, a subcommittee has been formed to draft the decision matrix for our task force’s review. The decision matrix is designed to provide guidance and transparency for the University of Redlands community in clarifying the individuals responsible and consulted for making and approving decisions.

The meeting underscored the importance of student success, with voices from different academic levels expressing their hopes and aspirations for our University. Task force members discussed the personalized education we provide at the University of Redlands. As one student aptly put it, “The University of Redlands is an experience, not just a next step.” Thank you, faculty and staff alike, for all that you do to fulfill this promise to our students.


Members of the task force noted that some members of our community may harbor lingering concerns from past experiences. Other members brought forth informational questions, such as the status of student governance and the structure of faculty governance. We assure you that your voices are heard, and your perspectives are valued. In the spirit of transparency, we want to share answers to these questions.

  1. Status of ASUR: The restructuring of ASUR is a student-led initiative. It reflects our commitment to enhancing student governance and amplifying student voices on matters that affect their experience. This reimagining is a testament to our dedication to fostering a more inclusive and participatory campus environment. The “Student Voice Task Force” held an open forum last week to announce the outcome of their work. They will be sharing their newly drafted Constitution soon.
  2. Relationship to Faculty Governance: The Shared Governance Task Force will refine the principles of shared governance. This will take the form of a statement of our ideals for cooperation, communication, and collaboration. There have been concerns expressed about faculty governance structures being redesigned by this task force. A separate Faculty Governance Structure Working Group, made up of faculty members, will be launched later this semester to empower our faculty members and streamline decision-making processes. The working group will be meeting in Fall 2024.

Next Steps

We invite each one of you to join us as we advance toward a brighter future for our University. We each have a role to play. Your feedback, questions, and suggestions are invaluable as we navigate this journey together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly or to our dedicated task force representatives with any concerns or ideas you may have. Additionally, Dr. Anderson maintains the confidentiality of individuals who contact him with feedback for the task force ( We will provide monthly updates as our work progresses this semester.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all members of our task force for their commitment to developing a robust and effective system of shared governance for our University. Together, we will continue moving forward towards excellence and inclusivity, one step at a time.


Krista L. Newkirk

Anne L. Cavender
Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Innovation