Hunsaker scholarship Interview Weekend 2023 - What to Expect


Congratulations on being named a finalist for the 2023 Hunsaker Scholarship Prize! The Hunsaker Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship available for incoming first-year students at the University of Redlands. Finalists were selected due to their leadership, innovation, and contribution. Every Hunsaker Scholar is a leader and change agent in their own way at Redlands and in the greater community. Are you next?

Pre-Weekend Checklist

Form Submissions

To confirm your participation in Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend, you should complete the RSVP form in your emailed invitation. Your registration confirmation will include a permission form that must be completed by a parent/guardian. 

RSVP deadline: Monday, March 6th, 2023
Permission form deadline: Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Travel Planning

If you will be flying or taking a train/bus to campus:

After receiving your RSVP and permission form, Anna Aegerter, Coordinator of Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend, will purchase a ticket on your behalf. She will confirm travel plans with you before booking any tickets. 

Flights will arrive throughout the day on Friday, March 17th and transportation will be provided to and from the University. 

Returning flights will be scheduled for Sunday, March 19th.

If you will be driving to campus:

Please plan to arrive to campus no later than 4:00 p.m. (PST) on Friday, March 17th. Check in will be located at the Willis Center (Admissions Office).

Formal weekend events conclude on Saturday, March 18th by 8:00 p.m., after which you are welcome to return home.

Hunsaker- Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Details

Why was I nominated?

Hunsaker nominees were selected for their leadership, innovation, commitment to community, difference maker abilities, and strong academic performance through various processes. Nominations were provided by high school counselors, community members, and/or our admissions team.

How many finalists are there?

A group of approximately 60 finalists have been invited to interview for the scholarship, with 35–40 expected to participate in the weekend.

How many scholars are in a cohort?

We hope to enroll 10-12 Scholars at Redlands each year.

Do I need to commit to enrolling at Redlands prior to the weekend?

No. We know you are still weighing decisions regarding your college enrollment; participation in the weekend does not obligate you to attend the University. We ask all students to inform us of their admission decision by the National Candidate Reply Date—May 1st.

What other benefits do scholars receive?

During their time at Redlands, Hunsaker Scholars will engage in leadership and professional development opportunities. Hunsaker Scholars will receive continuous, hands-on support from the Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) with the goal of attaining an internship by the end of their sophomore year or the start of their junior year.

OCPD staff will work with Scholars to establish and follow a Success Roadmap which will require Scholars to: Confirm a career field of interest, build a list of companies and prospective internships, compose resumes and cover letters, create AlumniFire and LinkedIn profiles, build a professional network, and apply to multiple prospective internships.

Do I need to provide any additional information to be considered for the Hunsaker Scholarship Prize?

Finalists do not need to update their application or provide any additional academic information to the Scholarship Selection committee.

However, US citizens/permanent residents/aid-qualifying students must submit a FAFSA to the University of Redlands by March 2nd, if they intend to apply for need-based financial aid. International citizens or non-US-aid-qualifying nominees are required to submit a Certification of Finances or other documentation prior to the Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend. US citizens not planning to apply for need-based aid do not need to provide any financial documents.

What is the attire for the weekend?

Certain events during the weekend will be business/business-casual attire. More specific details will be shared leading up to the weekend.

What do I bring?

Excitement and enthusiasm! We will provide a suggested list of things to bring with you closer to the weekend, but none of those items will require preparation or significant work on your part.

You will be staying in the residence halls with student hosts throughout the weekend. We will have sleeping bags provided by Outdoors Programs for your use, but you are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag and/or pillow. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

How do I reserve my spot for the weekend?

You should have received an email invitation to the weekend, which includes an RSVP link. When RSVP’ing you’ll indicate your travel needs and other initial information to start planning for the weekend. You will receive a permission form in your emailed RSVP confirmation that must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.

RSVPs are due by Monday, March 6th and permission forms must be received shortly thereafter. We will not make any travel arrangements on your behalf until this permission form is received.

Travel Logistics

What does the all-expenses-paid trip to campus mean?

University of Redlands will pay for all flights and associated costs to attend the scholarship weekend. A round-trip plane ticket will be purchased on your behalf in early March. Hunsaker finalists will be met at the airport; shuttles will be provided to and from campus on Friday and Sunday. In most cases, students will arrive and depart from the Ontario (ONT) or Palm Springs (PSP).

For those living within driving distance to campus, your mileage will be reimbursed for your round trip visit to campus. Bus or train transportation may also be provided as an option to Redlands.

What are the overnight accommodations for the weekend?

All student finalists will be asked to stay on campus Friday night, March 17th. If you are flying home on Sunday, March 19th, you will be hosted Saturday night, March 18th, as well. If you live locally or driving home, you are also welcome to stay Saturday night. You will be hosted by current students in our residence halls.

Redlands will arrange for 1–2-night accommodations based on your travel schedule. International finalists who may need additional nights because of unique travel schedules will have additional nights available.

What if I live locally - will I stay in the residence halls?

Yes. We ask all finalists to stay in the residence halls Friday, March 17th. Students driving home may choose to stay Saturday night as well.

How will my plane ticket be purchased?

Once you have RSVP’d for the Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend and returned your permission form, we will purchase a plane ticket on your behalf. We will be in touch prior to making any reservations to confirm your information and travel needs. If family members are traveling with you and you wish to coordinate their travel with yours, please contact Anna Aegerter to discuss options.

Please note: Redlands will only cover the cost of a plane ticket for finalists.

Which airport will I use when flying to campus?

Most often we will book your flight into Ontario International (ONT) or Palm Springs International (PSP) airports; Los Angeles International (LAX) is used on occasion.

How will I get to/from the airport?

Redlands staff will meet you at the airport and provide transportation to campus upon your arrival. We will also provide transportation back to the airport on Sunday, March 19th.  If you are traveling with family members and wish to arrange your own transportation once you arrive in Southern California, please communicate this with Anna Aegerter.

What if I live locally but need transportation?

If you do not need a flight to campus, but do not have access to a vehicle we will coordinate the purchase of a bus, train, or rideshare fare. Please indicate this need when RSVP’ing for the weekend.

Can I park on campus if I'm driving?

Yes. If you are driving to campus, you will be able to park on campus for free. We ask you not to use your vehicle until you depart on Saturday or Sunday.

We will pay for your mileage to and from your home; a reimbursement check will be provided following the weekend. If you have questions about flying vs driving to campus, please contact Anna Aegerter.

Weekend Event Details

Who will conduct the interviews?

Your interview will be conducted by one of three interview teams. Each interview team consists of a mix of Redlands faculty, staff, and alumni.

When will I know my interview time?

We will provide your interview time upon arrival on Friday, March 17th.

What other activities will be on campus during the weekend?

In addition to Admitted Students’ Day, there will be other campus events for you to participate in during your visit to Redlands. We will have a schedule of opportunities in your welcome packet.

Do I need to register for Admitted Students' Day on Saturday, March 18th?

No. We will automatically register you for our Admitted Students’ Day. If you have already registered there’s no need to cancel your original registration.

I'd already planned to attend Admitted Students' Day on April 1st; do I still need to attend Hunsaker Weekend and ASD on March 18th?

Yes. Hunsaker Scholarship Interviews will only be available March 18th.You are expected to participate on that day. If you were planning to attend April ASD, you are still welcome to attend that event; each year we have a few students who attend both events.

I have a schedule conflict with the weekend – can I do my interview at another time or virtually?

Interviews for the Hunsaker Scholarship Prize will only be available on Saturday, March 18th. You are expected to participate in person unless you have a COVID-19-related restriction on your ability to travel. Please contact Anna Aegerter with any questions.

Safety Details

Are there COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements to attend the weekend?

For Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend, we are mirroring the University’s vaccination policy, which asks that you be fully vaccinated with booster for COVID-19 or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours (2 days) prior to arriving on campus. Please reach out to Anna Aegerter with any specific questions regarding COVID-19.

What if I’m not vaccinated?

If you have not been fully vaccinated with a booster, you will be asked to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours (2 days) prior to arriving on campus.

What other safety measures/requirements are in place?

While masks in the state of California and San Bernardino County are currently not mandated, they may be required in some academic spaces on campus. We support individuals who choose to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable. For any mask or accommodation requests, please contact Anna Aegerter.

What if I’m unable to travel because of travel restrictions, illness, and/or health concerns?

We understand that travel to the University may not be feasible for some individuals. While we are hoping all finalists will be able to experience Redlands in-person during the Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend, we want to know if you have concerns or are unable to travel due to COVID-19 related issues. Please contact Anna Aegerter to discuss your concerns and determine if other options are feasible.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 or become ill during the weekend?

We will have rapid test kits on hand if you become ill while on campus. We will arrange isolation spaces for any student who needs to be quarantined and will support you until it is safe to return home.

What is the current COVID-19 situation on campus?

While we know situations can change rapidly, the University has had low infection rates throughout the pandemic for community members. Residential communities have been open since the spring 2021 semester, and in-person classes resumed in fall 2021.

Current vaccination rates on campus are 97% for students, and 90% for faculty and staff.

Financial Details

What is the amount of the scholarship award?

The Hunsaker Scholarship Prize meets your full financial need, as determined by the FAFSA or other financial aid application/documentation.

If you are not applying for need-based financial aid or your financial need has already been met, you will receive a renewable $4,000 scholarship. The Hunsaker Scholarship is renewable for all four years at Redlands assuming you are enrolled full-time and meet other eligibility requirements.

Are there any other scholarships available for finalists?

Finalists who interview but are not offered the Hunsaker Scholarship Prize will receive a renewable $2,000 Distinguished Leader Scholarship. Each year four to six Distinguished Leaders have enrolled at the University of Redlands after attending the Hunsaker Scholarship Weekend.

When will I find out if I received the Scholarship?

Scholarship decisions and updated financial aid offers will be uploaded into your admissions portal on Thursday, March 23rd.