Admitted Students

Congratulations! You've been Admitted.

We know that deciding on the best place for you involves many factors, and affordability is just one of those. Here are some recommendations from our team.

1. Check to make sure you have received a financial aid offer letter.

You can find your financial aid offer letter either in your admissions portal (where you checked your status of your admissions application) or via your admit packet or via postal mail. Your offer letter will inform you of any scholarships you earned and grants and loans offered.

Some important things to review:

Is your offer tentative?
If so, there is additional information that SFS needs from you. A list of required documents will be listed on the bottom. You can find the necessary forms in your admissions portal or here.

Is your residence status correct?
Unless you live within 30 miles of campus or meet other exemptions, you will be required to live on-campus. Make sure your status is correct for the most accurate financial aid offer. If you have questions about the housing requirement you can learn more about it here.

If you submitted a FAFSA or DREAM application and you do not receive a financial aid offer letter.
Check the email that you supplied on your application. Admissions sends email notifications to students when there is no Social Security number (SSN) on file. Never send your SSN via email. Please call our office directly so we may add it to your record. If you haven't received anything, contact our office so we can check the number on file.

2. Talk to your family.
You may be the first in your family to go to college, or you may have had siblings or parents that went to college. Whatever your status, it is important to review the financials with your family. We recommend reviewing the different types of financial aid you were offered and if you have a balance, available payment methods.

3. Reach out to your admissions counselor or staff in Student Financial Services if you have questions.
We're here to help you with this process. Navigating financial aid doesn't need to happen alone. Any question is a good question, and we're happy to answer it.