International Student Tuition and Fees
College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate 

The University of Redlands welcomes students from all over the world. The United States government requires that all international applicants have the financial resources to pay their educational expenses. All international students will need to submit a Certificate of Finances and proof of financial support when applying.

Although Federal need-based financial aid is only awarded to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, there is a limited number of additional international scholarships available. Contact your admissions counselor at for more information. International students are also considered for merit and talent based awards. To learn more about these opportunities, click here.

Each student's charges will vary depending on the student's room selection, meal plan, and optional charges incurred. Below are the standard charges for the school year. Should you have questions about charges, please contact us.

2023-2024 Estimated School Year Standard Charges

Tuition Fall and Spring Terms $57,264
Housing*  Double occupancy (Fall and Spring Term) $12,186
Meal Plan** Standard Meal Plan (Fall and Spring Term) $4,278
Associated Student Fee Student Activities $350
New Student/New Program Fee One-time fee for all new students $300
Wellness Fee Annual Fee $100
Health Insurance***   $1,713
Books and Supplies This is an estimate and varies for each student


Annual Total  




*Click here to review all housing options and pricing.
**Click here to learn more about meal plans and pricing.
***Students must provide proof of personal major medical coverage before the start of each academic year for waiver of insurance costs. Fees are subject to change.

2022-2023 Costs

Tuition (Fall and Spring)

Associated Student Fee

Double occupancy 

Meal Plan

Matriculation Fee

Health Insurance 

Books and Supplies
This figure is an estimate and varies with each individual student.

Estimated Annual Total

 *Fees are subject to change.