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Financial Aid Basics

Financial aid awards can be need-based and non-need based. 

Financial need is the cost of attendance minus expected family contribution. COA - EFC= Financial Need

Cost of attendance (COA) will vary by school, and is made up of direct (tuition, fees, room/board) and indirect (transportation, books, personal expenses) costs. The expected family contribution (EFC) is a figure derived from the data inputted on the FAFSA that determines the amount you (and your parents if you are dependent) should reasonably be able to contribute toward your expenses but is not necessarily the amount you will have to pay. There are many types of financial aid, and you can learn more about those below.

Types of Financial Aid


Cal Grant

Pell Grant

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

University Grant

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG)

Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship


Scholarships & Talent Awards

Work Awards

Work Study


Federal Direct Loans

Redlands Loan

Perkins Loan


The University of Redlands provides several payment options for students and families to cover any balance due not covered by scholarships, grants and student loans.