Student Employment

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and participate in meaningful part-time employment on or off campus. Students will gain "real world" experience in preparation for the job market and will develop relevant and transferable skills in pursuit of future careers.

Location & Hours

Student Employment Office is located in the Willis Center.

Hours of operation:
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Contact Us

Phone: 909-748-8240
Fax: 909-335-5399

Mailing address

University of Redlands
P.O. Box 3080
1200 E. Colton Ave.
Redlands, CA 92374

Student Employees of the Year - 2021


Brooke McBay

Recipient for Student Employee of the Year, 2021

Brooke worked for the Office of Career and Professional Development where she stated she learned the impact and value of Career Services for Redlands students and alumni. Brooke explains how her work study experience prepared her on how to approach internships, scholar ships, and post-graduation work. She shared “working for the OCPD, I got the chance to network with students, faculty, and staff on campus. I learned how to create a stellar resume, cover letter and improve my interviewing skills. This work-study position allowed me to grow not only as an individual but as a working professional. My employers allowed me to develop the skills necessary to be competitive in the job field and make an impact in our office and on campus.” Brooke also has experience in work the athletic department, Community Service Learning for the Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Office of Career and Professional Development. She recommends to future bulldogs to “work closely with your supervisor to assess methods of improvement, understanding the work culture, and remaining connected.”


Caroline Wacker

Nominee for Student Employee of the Year, 2021

Caroline appreciated her experience working in the Athletic Department which allowed her to learn more about working in a professional setting, while making connections with many coaches and student athletes. Caroline stated the work study experience “has been ideal for me because they understand that school is my number one priority and allowed me to base my schedule around it. It was so convenient to work on campus because I was able to walk to work after finishing up my classes for the day”. She also expresses her thanks to the kindness of the athletic department staff “I appreciate knowing the university faculty cares about their students and work hard for them. Working with kind, helpful, and instructive people makes a work environment infinitely more enjoyable. I am truly grateful for the experience the work study program has provided.”


David Hazward 

Nominee for Student Employee of the Year, 2021

David worked as an intern for the Campus Diversity and Inclusion center on campus, where he was able to step out of his comfort zone and amplify his voice, as well as establish real-time connections that lead to other fantastic opportunities. David describes how is time with CDI allowed him the chance make a significant impact on campus, “the centrality of CDI and my affiliation in the many activities of the university allows me to speak not only for myself, but for the other marginalized voices on the campus, and to promote the necessity of ample changes for a better climate tomorrow.” David explained how grateful he is for his potion, and believes that “we as student employees have the unique opportunity to directly influence and change the very spaces we inhabit. This is a great power to hold, and one that we can continue to use to make the campus the very essence of what we envision to be.”