Student Employment

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and participate in meaningful part-time employment on or off campus. Students will gain "real world" experience in preparation for the job market and will develop relevant and transferable skills in pursuit of future careers.

Student Employees of the Year


Syrah Gerth

Student Employee of the Year, 2019

Syrah had a great experience working with Community Service & Learning as a Student Director of Jasper’s Corner. Her growth in the position has given her great responsibility to create new developments and training practices. She shares, “As a student, being exposed to strong and amazing managers has also developed my experience. I have been able to ask questions, try out ideas, and adjust them as needed. My managers have played a key role in my success here.”


Amos Chege
Student Employee of the Year, 2019

Amos worked in various capacities in Community Service & Learning, more recently as an Ambassador for Rochford Foundation and Mansion Memories. He expressed his work involvement gave him real work experience that will contribute to his career goals. "As I gradually earned the trust of those I worked with, I was assigned more responsibilities. This taught me how to prioritize, communicate within a team and most importantly, how to get the best out of myself. Being a student employee while completing my undergraduate studies at a liberal arts college allowed me to understand how I learn and how I am to develop into a contributing member of society."