Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders

The Richard and Virginia Hunsaker Scholarship Prize is awarded annually to a select number of exceptional incoming students from diverse backgrounds.

The highly competitive award meets each recipient’s full demonstrated financial need for all four years at Redlands. It also offers the opportunity to participate in an expenses-paid networking trip to a major metropolitan city where Scholars meet with alumni leaders in a variety of fields.

Each year, our admissions committee identifies students during the application review process who exhibit outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and contribution to their schools and communities. Candidates are then invited to campus to compete for the award, interviewing with a panel of faculty and alumni leaders.

Alumni couple Richard and Virginia Hunsaker, class of 1952, established the Hunsaker Scholarship Prize in 2014 with their transformational gift of $35 million to the University of Redlands. The scholarship program aims to fund a Redlands education for students who will not only become leaders in society, but also will follow the Hunsakers’ example by giving back to their communities and the University.

2023 Hunsaker Scholars

Jorge (Isaac) Aguilar - Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Jorge (Isaac) Aguilar '27

Hometown: Zapopan, Mexico
High School: American School Foundation of Guadalajara

Isaac Aguilar is an outstanding ethical leader who is always willing to take the extra step toward the betterment of his society. Since he was young, his family instilled in him a passion for community service, with his first major involvement at the age of 15 when he worked as a volunteer for the organization TECHO, building houses for families in impoverished communities. This experience ignited a spark, giving him a new perspective to see the world. During his junior and senior years, he led and formally introduced a TECHO club in his school. In those first two years the group fundraised more than $130,000, of 30 houses for families in need, and involved more than half the students in his high school. He was offered a leading role in the organization, where he coordinated groups of young adults to organize construction events in marginalized communities. By the end of high school, Isaac contributed to the construction of more than 50 houses, changing the lives of over 200 individuals from these communities. At Redlands, Isaac aspires to channel his passion for community service into the pursuit of an engineering degree. He has a vision of creating a TECHO club within the university where students can involve themselves and apply their learning to the real world, taking steps forward towards poverty alleviation and the betterment of society.

Elliana Bowers - Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholars

Elliana Bowers '27

Hometown: Bend, Oregon
High School: Summit High School

Elliana is motivated by her desire for self-accomplishment and consumption of knowledge—she craves a deeper exploration of ideas that provoke interest and thought. She loves to ask why and learn how. As she continuously aspires to make change in her community, Elliana worked with a team of peers at her local Environmental Center to educate others on sustainable practices with the goal of empowering them to take initiative in their own spaces. She volunteered at an outdoor learning program teaching elementary-school kids about forest ecology, working to create a sense of wonder for the world around them. As Editor-In-Chief of her high school's accredited newspaper, Elliana learned to utilize her voice, presence, and leadership skills to uplift her peers and support, cultivate, and share their ideas. As a senior, she was a part of her high school's inaugural girls’ rugby team and hopes to bring the sport to Redlands. In continuing a passion for sustainable lifestyles, Elliana spends time working on her clothing label, ANi, which focuses on reworking deadstock fabrics and existing textiles to make new clothing. At Redlands, Elliana looks forward to participating in building inclusive communities, and hopes to become an Outdoor Programs leader to continue to work on her leadership and communication skills. While unsure of how exactly her academic education will develop, she is excited to get involved and looks forward to fostering meaningful connections with people who will fuel her many passions.

Annabelle Frank - Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Annabelle Frank '27

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
High School: University School of Nashville

Annabelle Frank has a passion for learning and a drive to serve her communities. In 2021, she represented her high school at the National Association of Independent School’s Student Diversity Leadership Conference where she learned about diversity and equity, accessibility, and accountability on campuses. She brought this knowledge back to her school where she served on both the student council and as a Peer Educator and Assistant (PEA). As student body secretary, she led her high school’s leadership retreat. As a PEA she studied topical social issues and created projects to educate and address the needs of the student body. She served on the Sexual Assault Peer Educators committee and planned The Day of Red, a day of awareness on gender-based violence.

Annabelle honed her critical thinking and public speaking skills through debate and as a co-captain of the Mock Trial team. Beyond her leadership pursuits, she is a life-long dancer and performer. She works through a consistent lens of understanding the importance of how we treat and use our bodies. She looks forward to getting more involved with Dance Co and starting a Johnston movement collective. Annabelle is now student in the Johnston Program studying psychology and dance with plans to become a holistic counselor.

Noah Koksha -Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Noah Koksha '27

Hometown: Yucaipa, California
High School: Yucaipa High School

Noah Koksha is a dedicated innovator who always looks for opportunities to make an impact. He was involved in his school’s Engineering Academy throughout high school, where he worked with the leadership team and served as an Academy ambassador. This position provided many opportunities to work with multiple engineering companies, universities, and corporations as well as hold events in an effort to promote STEM pathways to students. He also led his high school robotics team throughout high school, coordinating a group of students over multiple months in planning, building, and coding a robot to compete against other teams through a series of tournaments.

Additionally, Noah held a position as his district's Commissioner of Education, promoting student representation in district matters as a student board member. This position provided the opportunity for Noah to organize a small team of bright and passionate individuals to attend the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools’ Student Advisory Program, working with students across the district to identify current issues and solutions in schools to present to California lawmakers. Noah, with his team, presented on student mental health struggles and mental well-being, an issue he is very passionate about, and advocated for decreased stigma and greater access to mental health services for students.

During his time at Redlands, Noah plans to major in computer science. Driven by his passion for technology, he is eager to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus and leave a lasting impact on both students and the university.

Patrick Lang - Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Patrick Lang '27

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
High School: Saint Mary’s Hall

Patrick Lang played many roles in his school’s community as he was a leader in various clubs, committees, and sports. He was a leader working for change in multiple avenues as a founding member of his school’s first Black Student Union and as the student body president. Patrick also helped lead his school when it hosted the annual People of Color conference for the first time in school history. Outside of school, Patrick has been committed to helping the community volunteering at Child Protective Services (CPS), starting a project to improve visitation rooms where children and parents are allowed their allotted time together. Patrick is also an experienced leader on the field as the captain of the track and cross-country teams since his freshman year, as well as the basketball team starting his junior year. Patrick is excited to spend his time at the University of Redlands learning about and getting involved in the diverse community, as well as having the opportunity to be a part of the track team. He plans on studying physics on the path to becoming an engineer capable of creating new more capable prosthetic technology for people and animals in need.

Juan Lepe - Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Juan Lepe '27

Hometown: San Jose, California
High School: Bellarmine College Preparatory

Juan Lepe is a first-generation student who is studying business and is dedicated to taking advantage of every opportunity presented to him. In high school, he was head of the school’s Latino Student Union and Folklorico Dance Group. He was involved in many activist movements such as speaking to congressmen at California’s capital, Sacramento, and giving various presentations about social justice issues on campus, most notably his presentation on social justice within the Latino community. Outside of school, he was involved in growing his very own business and still loves the idea of being his own boss as an entrepreneur. At Redlands, Juan has already joined an entrepreneurship club and is looking for his next big venture as a businessman. Excited to embark on a new journey, Juan hopes to be involved at Redlands with the Latino and first-generation clubs. One day, Juan hopes to lead as president of those clubs. As he goes through his years at Redlands, Juan hopes to major in Global Business and see the world with the study abroad program. Juan looks forward to all opportunities that may come his way as he is always striving to be better than the day before.

IsaiMorales -Univ of Redlands 2023 Hunsaker Scholar

Isai Morales '27

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
High School: Oakwood School

Isai Morales worked as the director of his high school’s Esports program; an opportunity offered to students with the intent to teach them about the professional field of video games. Throughout high school, he worked with school administrators and students to build an Esports program from the ground up. Isai led a team of students through the steps of building and funding a program, recruiting players, and taking a team to state regionals. He also worked as a student leader for his high school’s Hispanic/Latinx affinity group. Together with the help of teachers, he hosted many community events and supported his fellow scholars by providing a space for students with Hispanic and Latino backgrounds to gather and converse. Now, he works to develop and grow Redlands’ Esports program while working on a degree in Business Administration.