Austria - POLI 363

Comparative Judicial Systems: Human Rights in the US and Europe

POLI 363

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May 3 - 29, 2024

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Course fee


Included in course fee

Room for the entire term, food (Monday breakfast through Thursday lunch, and dinners Monday through Wednesday), laundry, course administrative costs, and iNext International Health Insurance. Course fee also includes day trips near Salzburg: (1) Munich, (2) Vienna, (3) the Mauthausen death camp and Lake District, (4) the breathtaking views from atop the magnificent Untersberg.

Beyond course fee

Travel to and from Salzburg, Austria (est. cost $1500), public transportation costs, food and lodging (beyond those included in course), entertainment, and souvenirs (est. cost $600-$1500), ETIAS visa waiver fee (est. cost $10).

Course Description

This course explores the development of human rights law and the judicial institutions responsible for that law in both the United States and Europe. Designed for students drawn to reading and debating opinions of courts of last resort, CJS challenges students to examine cutting-edge legal controversies from a European perspective, including, but not necessarily limited to matters of gender, reproductive rights, freedom of expression, religious freedom, discrimination, torture, and criminal procedure. A lion’s share of case-law readings will be drawn from landmark decisions delivered by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that will reveal a united Europe’s perspective on human rights issues.

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