May Term Travel Courses 2022

Austria - MUS 404: Classic Music in Salzburg

Faculty: Katherine Baber and Caitlin Carlos

Austria - REL 160: The Voice of Conscience in Dark Times  (Course is full - no longer accepting applications)

Faculty: John Walsh and Katherine Baber

Cambodia - AST 250: Service in Cambodia  (Course canceled)

Faculty: Lawry Finsen

Guatemala - CDIS 260: - Guatemala Service Learning in Language, Culture, and Education (Course is full - no longer accepting applications)

Faculty: Barbara Conboy

Palau — EVST 281: The Palau Expedition: Sustaining Life on a Blue Planet (Course is full - no longer accepting applications)

Faculty: Lei Lani Stelle

Panama - EVST 351: PanaMapping: Geodesign to Conserve the Rainforest

Faculty: Daniel Klooster 

Southern Africa -  HMS 150: Health and Medicine in Southern Africa  (Course canceled)

Faculty: James Krueger

United Kingdom (England) and France - SBUG 470: Sustainable Business Development in the United Kingdom and France

Faculty: James Spee and Carlo Carroscoso

United States: Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains — CHEM 311: Mile High Chemistry

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

United States: Washington D.C. - SSRV 400: Black in D.C.

Faculty: Monique Stennis and Peter Tupou

United States: Washington D.C. - POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington D.C.

Faculty: Greg Thorson and Graeme Auton