May Term Travel Courses 2024

Austria - EVST 361: Energy in Transition: The Austrian Experience (FULL)

Faculty: Valerie Rountree

Austria - POLI 363: Comparative Judicial Systems: Human Rights in the US and Europe (FULL)

Faculty: Art Svenson

Central Europe - SBUG 470: Sustainable Business in Italy and Slovenia (Venice, Trieste and Ljubljana)

Faculty: Allison Fraiberg

Guatemala - CDIS 260: - Guatemala Service Learning in Language, Culture, and Education 

Faculty: Barbara Conboy

Palau — EVST 281: The Palau Expedition: Sustaining Life on a Blue Planet  (FULL)  

Faculty: Lei Lani Stelle

Spain and Morocco - REL 259: Religious and Cultural Diplomacy

Faculty: Sana Tayyen

United States: Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains — CHEM 311: Mile High Chemistry    (FULL)

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

United States: Washington D.C. - POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington D.C.

Faculty: Greg Thorson and Eric Mclaughlin