Semester-Long Study Away Programs

With over 60 programs in over 30 countries, the U of R provides enriching semester-long academic opportunities for all majors and minors.

Semester-Long Study Away Programs

Our programs allow students to grow personally and professionally by offering internships, research opportunities, service-learning placements, enhanced language learning and much more. We partner with many leading universities and study away program providers to be able to offer such a wide variety. This chart compares different aspects of a study away program based on program type. 

Our list of programs have divided our programs into the following three categories for application purposes – A, B and C. Please read about each category below as this information will help you understand the types of program offered and the competitive nature of some programs. 

Category A Programs

This category includes the U of R’s Salzburg Semester program and exchange and direct enroll options with partner universities. Participants on the Salzburg program will study at the U of R’s international campus in Salzburg, Austria. Participants on exchange and direct enroll programs, will study at local universities and have opportunities to engage with the university community and student clubs.

Category B Programs

This category includes programs through study away partner organizations. Depending on the program, students may be studying with other students from around the U.S. or with local students. Some programs will have a set curriculum for students to choose courses from while others will allow students to take courses at local universities.

Category C Programs

This category includes programs that have limited enrollment for U of R students. Applying to a Category C program is competitive process. Students can find the enrollment capacity for each Category C program in the program description in our list of programs. These programs, like Category A and B programs are offered through exchange and direct enroll partners as well as partner organizations. Due to the limited enrollment capacity of category C programs, students applying to a Category C program must select a second choice program from either Category A or B programs in their study away applications. Students should research their second choice program option and make sure it will also work for them academically as they will be considered for that program, if not selected for their first choice Category C program.