The Memorandum

By Vaclav Havel
Translated from the Czech by Vera Blackwell

November 9-11 & 16-18, 2018


Havel was first and foremost a Czech playwright, poet, and political activist and after the fall of communism, became the president of Czechoslovakia (1989–92) and of the Czech Republic (1993–2003).

Written in 1965, The Memorandum takes place in the offices of an anonymous corporation, where a new corporate language is introduced aimed at “increased efficiency” and a more accurate “truth.” But the results are comedic “destabilization” and “incoherence” as office personnel, obsessed with trying to translate the new rules, do desperate hijinks to keep from being “fired.”

Come and enjoy an evening of absurdity as we consider the politics of theatre and resistance then and now. 

Director Chris Beach
Scenic Designer Trevor Norton
Costume Designer Snezana Petrovich
Lighting Designer Curtis Scheu
Sound Designer Zoe Nina Andaya
Stage Manager Kirsten Zornado

The Cast in order of appearance 

Thomas Jonston Josef Gross

Gabriel Rodriguez

Jan Balas
Grace Boseley Otto Stroll
Olivia Yokas Alex Savant
Faith Boeke Helena
Sophia Rucireta Maria
Emily Wright Hana
Jerek Perez Flamenco Mark Lear

Stelle Salsbery/Ethan Cuthbertson

Mr. Ferdinand Pillar
Jayla Brown George
Lindsey Finkelstein Ms. Thumb
Ethan Cuthbertson/Stelle Salsbery Mr. Column
Aya Serikova, Rochelle Jordan, Nora Stock, Daniella Reeb Building Clerks, Ptydepe Students