By William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's "cursed" and bloodiest tragedy centers on the hero Macbeth who returns home having rescued Scotland from the ravages of civil war. Spurred on by an encounter with the three weird sisters, his wife's ambitions and his own dream of "the imperial round," Macbeth murders Duncan, the King of Scotland.

In possession of the throne, but haunted by the deed, Macbeth turns tyrant, ordering the murder of those who would threaten his safety. The rightful heir to the throne, Duncan's son, Malcolm, backed by the nobleman MacDuff and other rebel Scots and English forces, descends on Macbeth's castle at Dunsinane. The consequences of Macbeth's fateful act become the undoing of both he and his wife, Lady Macbeth.

This production, inspired by the 50th anniversary of Polish Director Jerzy Grotowski's Polish Laboratory Theatre, features a movement-based ensemble of 19 actors as well as members of the University's drum ensemble. 

November 12-15, 2009, Glenn Wallichs Theatre

Director Steve Shade
Costume Designer Nephelie Andonyadis
Set Designer Trevor Norton
Assistant Director Haley Keim



First Witch Lynn Berkeley-Krantz
Second Witch Michaela Petrovich
Third Witch Grace Nolde
Duncan Nathan Riley
Malcom Brett Serrell
Donalbain Jacob Froman
Captain Scott Lydon
Ross Neil Deming
Macbeth Nicholas K Zaharopoulos
Banquo Dan Stong
Angus Ryan Stewart
Lady Macbeth Robyn O'Dell
Gentlewoman Kalehua Shamel
Fleance J.L Durian


Nathan Riley
Macduff Jeff Groff
Lennox Taylor Grzechowiak
First Murderer Christopher Suzuki
Second Murderer Jacob Froman
Third Murderer  Scott Lydon
Lady Macduff Jillian Ferry
Macduff's Son Matt Ryan
Seyton Christopher Suzuki