Mrs. California

by Doris Baizley

April 8-11, 2010 Glenn Wallichs Theatre

The time is pre-women's lib 1955, the place a Los Angeles hotel, where a homemakers contest is in progress - the winner to embody the epitome (at the time) if the ideal woman: "a happy, good and beautiful homemaker." Entered as Mrs. LA, Dot, sponsored by the local gas company, vies with the others in ironing a man's shirt, sewing an apron from an original pattern, setting a table, preparing a meal, and delivering a monologue entitled "My Proudest Moment" - which, for Dot, was when she saved an American naval force from submarine attack while serving as a decoder in the WAVES during World War II.

She is also abetted by her tatt-tongued friend Babs, an electronics wizard who is not above tampering with sewing machines and stoves as the contest comes down to the finals, with Mrs. Modesto, Mrs. San Bernardino and Mrs. San Francisco going head to head with Dot for the victory. Urged one way by the brassy Babs (who can't resist showing up the contest for the ridiculous farce it is) and another by the fatuous man from the gas company (who pleads with Dot to play by the rules) Dot ultimately decides to do what she thinks is right rather than what she is told to do - the result, of course, being that the final nod goes to the contestant who best fulfills the image ordained by the macho men who run the contest and the one who manages to blend a good helping of sex appeal with her compliance.

Doris Baizley, Losset Guest Professor, Playwright in Residence:
Doris Baizley is a member of the Mark Taper Forum Writer's Workshop and a founder of L.A. Theatreworks. Her plays Mrs. California, A Christmas Carol, Tears of Rage and Catholic Girls have been produced in many U.S. regional theatres including The Mark Taper Forum, A Contemporary Theatre the Cleveland Playhouse, The Kennedy Center and the National Theatre for the Deaf, and internationally at the Icon Theatre in Taipei and the Semafor Theatre in Prague. Ms. Baizley will be in residence at the University of Redlands throughout the Spring 2010 semester.

Director Victoria Lewis
Set Designer Nephelie Andonyadis
Costume Designer Michaela Petrovich
Lighting Designer Trevor Norton
Stage Manager Tessa Randall
Choreographer Robyn O'Dell
Dramaturgy Lisa Wilborg
Sound & Musical Direction Jenny Aaron



Dot Zita Craig
Babs Amanda Gray
Dudley Nick Tellier
Stage Manager J.L Durian
Mrs. San Francisco Lizzie Atherton
Mrs. San Bernardino Jill Ferry
Mrs. Modesto Grace Nolde
TV Crewmembers Luke Copp
Carla Griego
Brianna Maltez
Steve Zarian
Steve Schoelen
Recorded Voice David Fleming
Singing Quintet Liz McGavock
Desiree Weathers 
Amanda Nonomura
Jenny Aaron
Holly Sweezey