The Three Penny Opera

by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill

The University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department and School of Music in partnership with the Riverside School For the Arts and The Performance Loft proudly present the infamous and groundbreaking 1928 musical:

April 7 - 9, 2005

Director Chris Beach
Choreographer Jo Dierdorff
Vocal Director Marco Schindelman
Musical Director Dan Murphy
Set Designer Dan Cork
Costume Designer Nephelie Andonyadis


The Three Penny Opera takes audience members to a world of mischief: prostitutes, serial killers and beggars. These shady characters, mixed with the innocent Polly Peachum, her parents and a sorted array of policemen and townsfolk, make-up Brecht and Weill's world of deceit, ill-repute and astonishment.

The Performance Loft, located in the historic Mitten Building in downtown Redlands at 345-A N. 5th Street.


Macheath Stephen Ray
Matt of the Mint Matthew Davis
Walter Dreary Landry Barb II
Polly Peachum Emily McGowan
Filch the Beggar Renee Ogletree
Mr. Peachum Craig Colclough
Tiger Brown J. D. Wiese
Ballad Singer
Marissa Wessler
Mrs. Peachum Tara Miller
Betty Jesse Teplow
Molly Stephanie Kendell
Beggar #1
Ko Forte
Vixen Alicia Nicholas
Beggar #2
Katie Lambert
Sawtooth Bob
Derek Delmar
Ensemble Tiffany Yuen
Lindsey Neilson
Linnea Ray
Jessica Yowell
Laura Feinstein
Magon Thayer
Crook Finger Jack Bryan Plummer
M.C. Jessica Yowell
Reverend Kimball James Stahlman
Smith Jeremy Guida
Lucy Brown Amanda Colclough
Ed Julio Carrillo