A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare

Nov. 18 - 21, 2004

Directed by Steven Shade
Designed by Nephelie Andonyadis

A comedy of cosmic proportions celebrating the struggle for love, magic, and happy endings.

In the world of the City, a determined daughter and a rigid father clash over her choice of husband. In the Forest world, the King and Queen of the Fairies engage in a spiteful brawl, angering the Moon and setting off far-reaching cosmic disturbances. From the world of the Laborers, a group of uneducated tradesmen aspire to be "made men" by producing a rough-hewn piece of theatre.

These worlds collide under the watchful eye of fairy influence, and a mid-summer madness ensues sparking the transformative power of love, art, and imagination.


Theseus Andy Schook
Hippolyta Tina Im
Philostrate Ryan Nickell
Egeus Michael Trobisch
Lysander Brett Sechrist
Demetrius John-David Wiese
Hermia Colin Featherston-Wilkerson
Helena Angela Doner
Peter Quince Evan Baughfman
Nick Bottom Cory Shaw
Francis Flute Landry Barb II
Snub Michael Trobisch
Tom Snout Neeraj Singh
Robin Starveling Ezra Katz 
Oberon Andy Schook
Titania Audrey Cain
Puck Daniel McIntyre
Mustard Seed Mandi Lorencz
Moth Molly Schwartz
Pleaseblossom Darcie Flansburg
First Fairy Laura Conner
Second Fairy Yvonne Flack



Director Steve Shade
Set and Costume Design Nephelie Andonyadis
Assistant Director Danielle Johnston
Costume Shop Supervisor Debbie Bradford
Assistant Costume Design Magon Thayer
Stage Manager Kevin Farmer
Assistant Stage Manager Ashley Thompson
Sound Orlando Beltran
Lena Zuckerman
Lighting Heather Horn
Props Ashley Garcia