Race and Ethnic Studies

In the Race and Ethnic Studies (REST) department, we study the complex and often challenging issues of race, ethnicity, and racism from an interdisciplinary perspective. Faculty and students work closely to explore: How have race and racism shaped America from its foundation to today? How have social justice movements transformed the meaning of American democracy? How does race matter today as we navigate the aftermath of Trump, Black Lives Matter and debates about Critical Race Theory in schools?

Race and Ethnic Studies prepares our students to thrive in an increasingly diverse and global American society.

We do more than study race and ethnicity in the classroom. Students and faculty engage in community action and work for social justice in Southern California's diverse communities.

  • REST students lead diversity workshops on campus and design internships that let them explore careers in higher education.
  • Students teach and learn alongside young people in the San Bernardino Juvenile Justice system through the REACH Program and shared Inside Out Classes.
  • Students learn about immigration law, criminal justice reform, tribal government, public health, educational justice through internships, and partnerships with community organizations and agencies.



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