Asian Studies

The Asian Studies program seeks to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Asia's diverse cultures and contemporary social, political, business and economic issues. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach by combining the study of languages, humanities and the social sciences. Such studies not only provide students with knowledge of Asia and Asian language skills, but also help students to critically examine the values of their own societies or cultures.

In addition to the Asian Studies faculty, members of the Advisory Committee, along with other faculty members, regularly offer courses which are credited with fulfilling requirements of the degree(s).

The many unique cultures within Asia offer the student distinct perspectives on art, literature, religion and philosophy, developed through a history dating back thousands of years. The Asian Studies curriculum emphasizes China and Japan, and courses that examine the entire geographic area are also offered. These courses compare and contrast the development and current state of cultures throughout the Asian region. Majors are required to spend a semester abroad in China, Japan, or another relevant Asian country. Graduates often pursue careers in government service, cultural affairs, teaching or international business.

Heungjoo Cha
Asian Studies, Director

Meet Keylana Jenkins ’22, a Global Business and Asian Studies double major from St. Louis, Missouri.

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