Political Science

Taxes. Education. Community laws. Healthcare.

Government and politics influence our lives and affect nearly every aspect of it. That's why it's important to understand the principles at work behind the decisions.

As a Political Science major at Redlands, you will

  • Examine world events from a variety of perspectives

  • Discover the origins of government and how they are structured

  • Gain an understanding of why governments thrived or failed

You'll study

  • Political relationships

  • Political power

  • Public policy

  • Ethnic movements

In the program, you will

  • Learn to think critically about behavior in political settings

  • Have the opportunity to get "up close and personal" with our nation's capital through our Washington Semester Program

  • Have the opportunity to spend a May term working on policy making with Redlands alumni, or intern for senators, representatives, executive agencies, lobby organizations and the Washington media through the Tinker Scholar Program

With a degree in political Science from Redlands, you will have what it takes for a career in public administration, local government or in Washington, D.C.