Degree Programs

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

The major in Political Science consists of a minimum of 44 credits.

POLI 111, 123, 150, and POLI 200 or 202

Elective Concentration

Students must develop an elective concentration through one of two paths:
1. Independently elected concentration--four courses in an area of the student's interest, at least one of which is a 400-level seminar
2. Established elected concentration--four courses from one of the department-established concentrations, at least one of which is a 400-level seminar


Two additional 4-credit courses, at least one of which is a 400-level seminar.


POLI 495 Political Science Capstone- to be taken in the fall of the senior year


The Minor

A minor in political science consists of a minimum of 24 credits in the department.

Other courses
With prior approval of their academic advisors and the Political Science Department chair, students may count upper-division courses offered by other departments, off-campus coursework (such as Washington Semester or foreign study programs), internships and individualized study courses for up to 12 credits toward the major or minor.

Since political science courses are an integral part of the international relations major, students are not permitted to major or minor in both political science and international relations.





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