Degree Programs

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

The major consists of a minimum of 48 credits selected in consultation with an advisor.  At least 28 credits for the major must be taken at the University of Redlands. Participation in a study abroad program, international/global internship, or field experience is strongly encouraged and should usually be scheduled for the junior or senior year.

Major Requirements

Students must complete 48 units, distributed as follows:

Foundation (2 courses)
  • IR 201 Introduction to International and Global Studies
  • IR 200 International Relations Theory

Interdisciplinary Core (3 courses)

  • HIST 102 World History since 1450
  • SOAN 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ECON 100 Economics and Society or ECON 101 Principles of Economics (students choosing the Global Political Economy and Economic Development concentration should complete ECON 101) 

Methodologies (2 courses from different departments and programs)

Choose from:

  • ECON 202 Game Theory
  • ECON 310 Research Methods in Economics
  • EVST 399 Research Methods for Environmental Scientists
  • HIST 290 Seminar in Historical Theories and Methods
  • POLI 200 The Study of Politics
  • POLI 202 Statistical Analysis and Mapping of Social Science Data
  • POLI 203 Playing Politics
  • SOAN 300 Research Methods and Design
  • SOAN 301 Fieldwork and Ethnographic Methods
  • SOAN 303 World Ethnographies
  • SOAN 305 Mapping People Mapping Place
  • SPA 110 Introduction to Spatial Analysis and GIS
  • or other courses approved by the advisor

Concentration (4 courses)

Students choose four courses to take within a concentration. No more than one may be a lower division course. Courses must be taken from at least two, and preferably three, different departments. Students negotiate the appropriate classes with their advisors. Concentration courses can be found on the International Relations Concentrations page

  1. Global Political Economy and Economic Development (GPED)
  2. Global Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (GEHN)
  3. Global Institutions and Society (GLIS)
  4. International Politics, Peace, and Security (IPPS)

Capstone (1 course)

  • IR 400 International Relations Capstone.

Related Field Requirement 

Foreign Language: Pass at least one course at or above the 300 level in a non-English language.




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