Courses in the Concentrations

Possible courses for each concentration within International Relations are listed; however, there will be other courses whose topics fall within the scope of the concentration. Students should discuss all concentration course choices in consultation with their advisor, as well as any topics courses not listed and relevant Study Abroad programs/courses.

Global Political Economy and Economic Development (GPED)
ECON 222 International Political Economy
SOAN 222 Development and Change in the Americas
HIST 344 The Pacific Rim: Economic Dynamism and Challenge for America
POLI 322 Political Change
GLB 336 International Business
ECON 424 International Economics

Global Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (GEHN)
EVST 242 Food and Nature
POLI 207 Environmental Politics and Policy
PHIL 215 Bioethics: Doctors and Patients
EVST 391 Environmental Hydrology
REST 334 Native American Environmental Issues
ECON 455 Environmental Economics

Global Institutions and Society (GLIS)
ECON 221 Economics of Development
SOAN 256 Middle Eastern Women
HIST 330 Rise of the Anglo-Atlantic World 1500-1815
SOAN 326 Charity and Helping Others
SOAN 405 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

International Politics, Peace, and Security (IPPS)
HIST 152 The Emergence of Modern Africa
ECON 221 Economics of Development
POLI 226 Middle East and African Politics
POLI 244 International Security
POLI 346 Foreign Policies of Russia and the Former Soviet States
SOAN 337 Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Conflict