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This directory is intended to be a window on the rich Internet resources on East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Asian Americans. A variety of political and cultural perspectives have been assembled here and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the links.

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Members of the academic community may find the lists of academic resources for Asia, China, Japan and Asian American Studies to be of special interest.

Installing and Using East Asian Languages on Personal Computers

This document is intended as a guide to installing and using Chinese and Japanese on a PC running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP, based on my personal (and often frustrating) attempts. Hopefully the steps outlined below will facilitate your efforts and get you up and running using East Asian languages in your documents. Once East Asian language support is installed on your PC, you can create documents in Chinese, Japanese or Korean with most Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.), and with some non-Microsoft applications. You can even mix languages in your document.

It should be emphasized that (1) some of the choices taken during installation may be replaced by other options based on your personal preferences and expertise --- the ones picked here are the ones that may be easiest for people with little or no experience in using Microsoft's Input Method Editors for foreign languages; (2) the steps used in inputting text are for illustrative purposes and may not represent the most efficient ones to achieve the desired results, particularly for skilled users.

The installation of East Asian language support and their input methods vary some between Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP. So I have created separate pages for these two Windows platforms. I have also included numerous screen shots to illustrate the steps involved. For maximum clarity, I have not reduced the dimensions of most of these shots, but have optimized their sizes for Web display.

Installing East Asian Language Support Under Windows 2000 Professional
Installing East Asian Language Support Under Windows XP
Writing Chinese Under Windows 2000 Professional/XP
Writing Japanese Under Windows 2000 Professional/XP