Degree Programs

The Major

Asian Studies (AST) offers an interdisciplinary major, which allows students to combine different types of courses from the list of Asian Studies and Asian Studies cross-listed courses. Asian Studies major requirements consist of

1) completion of 14 courses of 3–4 credits each, including a Senior Capstone project,

2) Asian language proficiency at the second-year completion level, and

3) a study abroad experience in Asia.

Bachelor of Arts

I. Coursework Requirement 
Students must take 14 AST and/or AST cross-listed courses of 3–4 credits each and a Senior Capstone.

The 14 required AST and/or AST cross-listed courses are subject to the following restrictions:

1. At least eight major courses must be AST-designated courses taken at the University of Redlands (including on-campus courses and travel courses).

2. At least five major courses must be at the 300-400 levels (including 300-400 level language courses), and the student must take course from at least two disciplines other than language study.

3. A Maximum of eight Asian language courses may be used towards the 14 total required courses.

4. A First-Year Seminar that has significant Asian content and is taught by an Asian Studies Advisory Committee faculty member may be included in major coursework.

5. Majors may petition to change any of the above restrictions, subject to approval by the Asian Studies Program.

For the Senior Capstone, students should contact an AST advisor at the end of the third year to choose between the two options described below. Detailed guidelines for the Senior Capstone are available through an AST advisor.

Option A) Senior Project—Conducted during the last semester at the University, the senior project is intended to showcase the student’s accomplishment as an AST major. Students may choose, in consultation with an AST advisor, to pursue a semester-long research project, portfolio, or other significant project as the culminating experience as an AST major. The project is reviewed by a committee, which consists of three AST and/or AST Advisory Committee faculty. Required: one semester of 400-level Directed Study of 4 credits.

Option B) Honor’s Thesis—This option is recommended for outstanding majors who are highly motivated in their academic work. It requires a major research undertaking conducted through both semesters of the senior year. The thesis is submitted to the committee, which consists of three AST and/or AST Advisory Committee faculty, and considered for departmental honors. To be eligible for Asian Studies honors, students must have at least a 3.45 cumulative GPA in AST major courses. Required: one semester of 400-level Directed Study of 4 credits. Honors students may enroll in up to 8 credits of such directed studies.

II. Language Requirement 
Majors must demonstrate proficiency in an Asian language at the second-year completion level. Currently, the Asian Studies Program offers two language programs: Chinese and Japanese. Students who wish to pursue another Asian language may do so, subject to approval by the AST Advisory Committee including advanced approval of how the proficiency requirement will be fulfilled.

III. Study Abroad Requirement 
Study abroad in an Asian location is required. Relevant courses from study abroad may be counted toward AST coursework, subject to the Coursework Requirement restrictions previously stated.

Advanced Placement in Chinese and Japanese 
Students who score a three on the Advanced Placement Test receive 4 credits; those who score a four or five receive 8 credits. The department will determine language placement.

The Minor 
The minor requires completion of:
  • at least one year in Chinese or Japanese language study consisting of two courses.
  • six courses from the AST and AST Cross-listed course list. Of the six courses, at least one must be taken at the 300 or 400 level, and the student must take courses from at least two disciplines other than language study.

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