History students at the University of Redlands are among the most dynamic, intellectually curious and interesting on campus. We welcome you to explore our program and find out what History at Redlands has to offer you.

Personalized Learning

  • Small classes mean student-faculty interaction is the norm

  • All classes are taught by full-time faculty (no TAs!)

  • Opportunities for independent study, including the completion of an honors thesis

Wide Variety of Career Paths

  • History prepares you to think critically and communicate effectively

  • Outsource-proof: History students learn skills for an information-based economy

  • Graduates pursue education, law, business, public service and more

Understanding of the World

  • The History program offers a global perspective for an interconnected world

  • Study abroad and still graduate on time

  • Faculty expertise in American, African, Asian, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern history offers opportunities to explore a breadth of historical issues

About the Department

The Department of History offers courses that enable students to understand how historical knowledge is created. Special focus is placed on the 19th and 20th centuries.

This approach lends itself well to students who wish to pursue careers in law, teaching or public service and is crucial to students in the international relations program.

The department emphasizes work with primary sources - whether documents, autobiographies or other cultural artifacts.

The history department also is a major contributor to a new integrated social science program for students interested in secondary level teaching.