Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

As understandings of gender roles, gender identity, and sexuality continue to change in our society, you will need to understand and reflect on issues related to gender and sexuality in new ways. The major or minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws on a rich offering of courses across the CAS curriculum. Our program offers you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies through diverse academic fields of study.

Featured Courses

WGS-333 - Pregnancy and Power: 

Women's knowledge of their bodies, especially concerning sexuality and reproduction, is a primary issue for women's well-being. This course focuses on current controversies over sexuality education, birth control, abortion, and related issues.

WGS-153 - Queer Culture and Identity:

The course features several distinct units, each of which will focus on a different part of the 20th century gay experience. The course will address the historical development of LGBTI identities as well as the future of distinctly queer sensibilities in an era typified by assimilation of LGBTI individuals into mainstream social structures such as marriage and parenthood.

WGS-341 - Gender and Nation:

This course explores the ways gender informs our understanding of nationalism, and how nationalist discourses imagine and construct identities in specifically gendered, class, race, community and caste terms in various locales. We will read a variety of different works by feminist scholars, political scientists, literary critics and historians.

WGS-155 - Latinas Remaking America:

This course examines the origins and processes of global and intra-national migrations of Latinas from Mexico and Central America to, from and within the United States. While often seen as a monolithic "Latina block", Mexican and Central American Latina emigrants come from a variety of regional and class backgrounds for many different reasons.


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