Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Core Requirements

All students are required to take both courses.

  • REST 120 Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies (4) – An overview of the field, looking at the experiences of major race and ethnic groups in the United States through interdisciplinary lenses.
  • REST 351 Race Theory (4) – Examines key theoretical perspectives in REST, with the goal of helping students develop the reading, analytic and writing skills needed to understand theory and how it can be applied to issues of race and ethnicity

Area of Emphasis- 5 courses minimum

Majors must construct, in consultation with faculty and the director, an area of emphasis designed to develop depth and concentration of knowledge. At least one course must be a REST methods course or other methods course appropriate to the area of emphasis. All areas of emphasis and their course lists must be approved by the director.

Breadth of  Courses- 4 courses minimum

Majors, in consultation with faculty and the director, must take four courses selected to complement the area of emphasis.

Capstone Courses

REST 401 (2 credits), 402 (2-4 credits)  
Students should enroll in REST 401 in the first semester of their senior year. This 2-credit course will bring together all graduating majors and will be an opportunity to develop both common understanding of REST and individual senior projects tied to areas of emphases. In the second semester, students will enroll in REST 402 and work independently under the supervision of seminar faculty and faculty advisors to complete their senior project.