What can you do with a degree in REST?

REST prepares our students with the best a liberal arts education can offer, plus the ability to think about the complex issues and identities that characterize America today. REST majors can tailor their major to prepare them for their future careers, with internships and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our students graduate with the ability to thrive in America’s diverse workplaces, the skills to work for social justice, and the knowledge to address some of the most important challenges facing our country. Many REST majors double major in Psychology, Business, SOAN, Public Policy and other fields.

REST helps our students stand out from the crowd and show employers that they are ready to lead the diverse workforce of the 21st century. REST majors and minors become successful teachers, social workers, lawyers, public policy advocates, non-profit leaders and higher education professionals.

What some REST majors are doing today...

Liset Aguirre ’20, Americorp Volunteer; Center for Employment Opportunities

Alondra Arellano ’19, Counselor; Didi Hirsch Mental Health

Mary Andreas ’18, Program Coordinator; Cross-Cultural Center, UC Davis

Emma Wade ’17, Duke Law School

Yulissa Lopez ’14, Humanities Resident teacher; Aspire Schools

Kayla Zibbell ’13, Public Health Nurse Educator; Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership & Mabel Morris Home Visit Programs

Jessica Martinez ‘12, Director of Education; UC Davis

Jon Jackson ‘10, Lawyer; San Bernardino Public Defender’s Office

Koby Rodriguez ’09, Director of Programs; The Sacramento LGBT Community Center