Program Learning Outcomes - Race and Ethnic Studies

Bachelor of Arts

REST students craft their own learning plan or area of emphasis within the major. Depending on their area of emphasis, REST majors may focus primarily on a subset of the following learning outcomes, but by the completion of their program all students should be able to:

  1. Effectively evaluate how racism and settler colonialism has been embedded in social structures and institutions and how these structures affect people’s everyday lives.
  2. Accurately analyze how race is socially constructed and transformed over time.
  3. Clearly analyze racism and settler colonialism as forms of oppression that operate in a dynamic, intersecting relationship with other forms of power and oppression.
  4. Evaluate how activism and cultural resources have and can be used to create social change and racial justice.
  5. Articulate an understanding of the diversity and shared experiences within at least one racialized group.

Curriculum Map

Learning outcomes for all graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences