Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture Undergraduate Certificate

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Are you ready to enhance your knowledge in cybersecurity and better protect your organization against cyber threats? Look no further than the Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture Certificate! This comprehensive program is designed for business leaders, managers, and executives, in both technical and non-technical positions, who want to increase their understanding of how to build a cyber-resilient organization.

With this certificate, you will learn to apply and cultivate a culture of cyber awareness within your organization, understand the common vernacular used in the cybersecurity field, and appreciate the impact of technology decisions on the business landscape. Whether your company is in need of a CISO, you're interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, or you're already in a technical role within the field and looking to extend your expertise, this certificate has something to offer.

Learners will have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of peers, participate in hands-on risk assessment practices, and build in-depth quantitative and qualitative strategies. Technology and business consultants, those acting as liaisons between technology and business units, and technical leaders who want to gain insight into their organization's cybersecurity risk management will benefit from this program.

Whether you're a thought leader, management professional, analyst, or technical writer who must interpret and communicate the implications of cyber threats, this online professional development experience is designed to help you succeed. Don't miss out on this chance to take your knowledge and skills to the next level - enroll in the Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture Certificate today!

Why study Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture?

The Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture Certificate program is designed for business leaders, managers, and executives in both technical and non-technical positions who want to become more knowledgeable in the field of cybersecurity and improve their organization's cyber-resilience. This program offers a unique and comprehensive approach that focuses not only on the technical aspects of cybersecurity but also on the importance of building a culture of cyber-awareness within an organization.

The program coursework is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the current cyber-threat landscape and appropriate responses to a cyber-attack.

  • "Threat landscape and Cyber Management," participants will learn about the risks to organizations including the various threat actors and methods of attack.
  • "Risk exposure and defense improvements with systems & technology," participants will gain hands-on experience in the application of cybersecurity systems and technology, as well as be able to identify appropriate technologies to protect their organization's systems, networks, and data.
  • "Strategic Cybersecurity Management," focuses on differentiated business strategies and the impact of key technologies and practices on organizational structure.

Market research has shown that the majority of cybersecurity certificate programs in Southern California are delivered online by universities such as UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, La Verne University, USC, and San Diego State. However, these existing certificates tend to be strictly technical and primarily focused on how to use technology in cybersecurity contexts, lacking the comprehensive approach offered by this program. This certificate sets itself apart by offering a more well-rounded and strategic approach to managing an organization's cyber-risk.

The Cybersecurity: Management & Analysis of Organizational Culture Certificate program at the University of Redlands is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in advancing their career in the field of cybersecurity or for those who want to improve their organization's cyber-resilience. The program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the current cyber-threat landscape and the necessary skills to effectively manage cyber-risk within their organization.


All courses are 100% online and live class sessions are in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

CYBCS-325 Threat Landscape and Cyber Man (3 Credits)

Provides an introduction and conceptual overview to cybersecurity. This course will focus on risks to organizations inherent in the current cyber landscape. Identify notable threat actors and typical methods of attack. Review appropriate responses to a cyber-attack and assess vulnerabilities of an organization's critical business systems, networks, and data.

CYBCS-326 Risk Exposure Defense Improvement (4 Credits)

Introduces students to hands-on applications of Cybersecurity systems and technology. Students will identify appropriate technologies for protecting system, networks, and data. Given the major trends taking shape outside and inside organizations, information security professionals and key stakeholders may need to begin planning now for specific technology solutions and practices as well as deployment to be better positioned for success and a sustainable future. Topics include cloud vendor management, endpoint detection and response, multi factor authentication, and preserving data integrity.

CYBCS-327 Strat Cybersecurity MGMT (3 Credits)

Focuses on differentiated business strategies that informs decisions and actions centered around assessing the nature and extent of the impact of key technologies and practices. Participants will identify impactful risk strategies and use identified strategies to anticipate the impact of risk on organizational structure. Students will further develop and apply the identified risk strategy to their organization and explore the role of leadership in managing organizations' cyber risk.

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