Dream Work - Small Group

Occasionally, we offer a Small Group series focused on Dream Work, led by Diane Eller-Boyko, RN, LCSW, certified Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist, has been working with dreams for 25 years. 

Group dream work offers a unique opportunity to explore what your soul is trying to reveal to you.  Dreams are a bridge to the Self; through symbolic language, they guide us towards our Divine potential and wholeness.  Thus it is said, "A dream un-interpreted is a letter from God unopened," and working with dreams in a group setting is practiced in many spiritual traditions. Participants experience the basics of dream work in a safe, confidential, and sacred group environment.

Note:  All classes and events of the University of Redlands Meditation Room are offered at no charge and are open to the public.  We are grateful to the generosity of local practitioners who share their gifts and knowledge as a service to the community.