"A Semester Within: Exploring Meditation" (2008)

Why meditate? Does meditation help students? What does meditation have to do with education?

This 50-minute documentary film takes you inside one of the country's first contemplative classrooms to explore these questions. The University of Redlands opened its Meditation Room in the Fall of 2007. "A Semester Within: Exploring Meditation" was produced in 2008.

The film is an introduction to the contemplative-based academic courses developed by Professor Fran Grace. Grace shares openly about the impact of meditation in her own life and why she started offering contemplative courses. Students speak candidly about the difficulties and breakthroughs they experienced with meditation. Vivid classroom footage gives a glimpse of their journey throughout the semester.

Students grapple with the Big Questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I reduce the pain and suffering of my life and in the world? How can I become more compassionate? Is peace possible in the midst of major difficulty?

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