Past Special Events


University and local community members attend the Meditation Room African Drum Circle Special Event.

Dear Visitor to the Meditation Room Program,

We invite you into our circle of friends, far and wide, pulsed by a common call:  "Changing the World from the Inside-Out."  By clicking on the Special Events tabs, you will get a sense of the unique space we’ve made for the inner arts and sciences within higher education. 
As you can see, our Special Events are free to the public and offer inspirational education across a wide range of religious traditions, philosophies, spiritual practices, and the creative arts (music, dance, film, visual art exhibits, and craft-making).  Events such as the "Sand Painting Mandala" by Tibetan Buddhist monks, and the "Loving Kindness Buddha Relic Tour," were attended by thousands of people from S. California and beyond.   
In 2007, when we opened our Meditation Room, it was one of the first such classroom spaces in the country at any college or university.  Now there are too many to count.  Yet we know of no other program that offers free community classes such as Yoga, Meditation, or Dreamwork. 
In one month alone, we typically offer 30 class sessions in Yoga and Meditation to people from all walks of life, who come together for learning, quietude, community, self-healing, and to light the transformative fire of "doing ordinary things with extraordinary love." (Mother Teresa, quoted in the Special Exhibit of "Mother Teresa: Her Life, Spirituality and Message," held at the University of Redlands, 2015.)
We also offer lifelong learning opportunities to local residents, who are allowed to enroll in college courses such as Compassion or Meditation or Christian Scriptures, at a discounted rate. 
Warm wishes,
Fran Grace, Ph.D.
Emerita Professor of Religious Studies and the Meditation Room Program