A Day in the Life of...

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In seeking to promote inter/multi-faith conversations at the University of Redlands (and in our community, more broadly), the Multi-Faith Student Association  invites students and community members to ‘try on’ a ‘day in the life of …’ respective religious traditions.

In celebration of 'Better Together Week', the 'Kick Off' for this series will take place on Sunday evening, April 7th, at the 'Better Together Ball' (7.30-9.00 pm, University Hall).

See the links below to access guidelines for daily practice during the following five days:

               TRY ON

               HINDU (4.8)

               JEW (4.9)

               BUDDHIST (4.10)

               CHRISTIAN (4.11)

               MUSLIM (4.12)

Funding from InterFaith Youth Corps and the Office and Dean of Student Affairs, University of Redlands.