Meditation Room

About the Meditation Room

The University of Redlands opened its Meditation Room in the Fall of 2007, inaugurating one of the first "contemplative classroom" spaces in the country. As an academic space, the Meditation Room facilitates the mental training and interior rigor implicit in the dictum "know thyself," a foundation of liberal arts education. Detailed information on the origin, purpose, and programming of the Meditation Room is found in our 10-Year Summary Report

With flowing curtains, a high ceiling, and soothing colors, this serene space is invitational to mental calm and inner peace. The Meditation Room is equipped with 28 zabutons (square meditation cushions) and 28 zafus (round meditation cushions), 28 yoga mats, kneeling benches, folding chairs, and a cubbyhole at the door for shoes and back packs.

The space has three primary uses:

1. Private Silence:
The Meditation Room offers silent refuge during the day and the evening for all students, faculty, staff and townspeople during "Open Hours," which are published on the website schedule. All are welcome to come at those hours for their private practice and to enjoy the quietude.

2. Academic Courses:
Several faculty members teach contemplative-based curricular courses in the Meditation Room. In addition, some faculty members use the Meditation Room for special "Contemplative Lab" sessions in academic courses, such as guest practitioner sessions for the World Religion course. Academic standing and formal course registration are required for these academic courses.

3. Free, Non-academic, Community Meditation Classes:
The University offers introductory Meditation classes every week during the school year. The classes are free and open to all students, faculty, staff, and townspeople. Registration is not required, unless otherwise noted. A schedule of classes will be posted on the website and on the Meditation Room bulletin board for each semester.

*The Meditation Room is not available for the following uses: meetings, discussion groups, or any purpose other than contemplative practice and interior learning.

You may subscribe to the Meditation Room's email announcements by sending a request to the meditation room or by calling (909) 748-8345.

Thank you for your interest.