Mystical Arts of Tibet

Mandala Sand Painting Exhibition, April 2011


In April of 2011, the Meditation Room sponsored the Mystical Arts of Tibet Mandala Sand Painting Exhibition. Over 2,000 people visited the ceremonies, from all ages, races, and religions. Our student volunteers helped visitors to construct a "Community Mandala" using the chak-pur technique of the monks. It was based on a design created by senior student Kelly Lecko and brought a rare opportunity to learn an ancient technique while also generating communal healing in the modern world.

The efforts and blessings from the week were dedicated to the benefit and renewal of the planet and all beings.

The monks' Sand Painted Mandala ceremonies and teachings are part of our on-going program of classes on meditation, contemplative prayer, and yoga. All of our community classes are free to the public and open to everyone.

Our hope is to be an instrument of peace by offering the peace-bringing teachings and practices from all religions and spiritual traditions. We invite you to visit the Meditation Room.

Thank you,

Dr. Fran Grace
Professor of Religious Studies
Faculty Steward of the Meditation Room