Therapy is confidential. All information you share with us, whether it is information in our records about you or even the fact that you have come to see us, cannot be shared with others outside the Counseling Center. No one outside the Counseling Center may have access to your Counseling Center records without your prior written permission or as required by law. The law in the State of California mandates that information may be appropriately shared when the following conditions exist:

  1. If you present an imminent threat of harm to yourself or others, or
  2. When there is an indication of abuse of a child, dependent adult, or elderly adult, or
  3. You become gravely disabled, or
  4. If information is required by a court subpoena or court order

This policy creates a safety net for students so that they can be as honest and open as possible. If you are seeking counseling or if you are referring someone to counseling, here is some additional information that may help:

A student can grant permission for the Counseling Center to exchange information with someone and can specify what kind of information is to be shared. For instance, the student may simply allow the Counseling Center to acknowledge that one or more session(s) have been attended.

If you, as a faculty, staff, administrator, or friend need to communicate with the Counseling Center about a student, you can share information with us. While we in most instances cannot respond in kind, we can receive information.

If you feel it is important for you to receive information regarding a student, please discuss this with the student who can provide permission at the Counseling Center.

Note: Counseling Center Mental Health Records are separate from academic records, therefore you will need a separate Release of Information Form only provided by the Counseling Center Staff.