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Welcome to the University of Redlands!

Experience Redlands

University of Redlands

From the beginning, the story of our University has been one of growth, change, and innovation. Through it all, our students have remained the central focus of a diverse and balanced academic experience that prepares them not merely to learn, but to lead. Learn more about the History of the University of Redlands!


OCH TAMALE : The Och Tamale chant is recited as a greeting or congratulatory cheer.

Och Tamale Gazolly Gazump
Deyump Deyatty Yahoo
Ink Damink Deyatty Gazink
Deyump Deray Yahoo
Wing Wang Tricky Trackey
Poo Foo Joozy Woozy
Skizzle Wazzle Wang Tang
Orky Porky Dominorky
Rah, Rah Redlands!
History of the Och Tamale
Originally called the Psalm of Collegiate Thanksgiving, the Och Tamale cheer was written by cheerleader C. Merle Waterman 1920 and classmates Walter J. Richards 1921 and Jack Slutsk 1922. The Och Tamale is recited when the Bulldogs score a touchdown, at Homecoming and alumni events, and as a greeting to fellow alumni on campus, in cities across the nation and around the world.
Want to connect with UoR Alumni?

Suggestions for resources around Redlands:

Here are some suggestions for regional airports, hotels, restaurants, and activities to do around the City of Redlands while visiting the university!

Regional airports :

Fly to/from airports closest to Redlands campus for your travel here!

Hotels :

Book hotels near to the Redlands campus for your stay here! 


Explore various dining establishments in the vicinity of the Redlands campus to discover exceptional culinary options.

Visit :

Visit some of our best spots in Redlands!

Student Involvement

Learn more about ways students involve in the Redlands campus life! 


Student Government

This is the student government of UoR that represents students on issues including academics, university policy, student life and more as well as providing special events that reflect the interests and needs of the student body.

Greek Life

Learn what is Greek Life all about and discover the history of the UoR Greeks!

Student Involvement and Success (SIS)

Student Involvement at Redlands serves to enhance the overall student experience through programs intended to develop, educate, and entertain. 

Outdoor programs & Recreation (OP)

We offer a variety of intramural sports, recreational clubs, and outdoor programs designed to give athletes of all skill levels opportunities to compete, develop athletic skills, and leadership.

Campus Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

CDI serves as a catalyst to create a campus where the concepts of diversity and inclusion are welcomed and valued, with the understanding that this work is not easy; creating change is a challenging process.

Community Service and Learning (CSL)

Student learning beyond the classroom broadens their awareness, empowers contribution, and strengthens connections to the larger community by supporting, recognizing, and promoting the educational benefits of learning through service, The Office of Community Service Learning (CSL), encourages University of Redlands students to build healthier, stronger communities.

Health and Wellness

Learn more about health and wellness resources offered to UoR students:

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CARE Team :

If you've noticed a student in distress, knowing how to respond and/or report a concern can help the students in our community.

Quick Important Links:

Counseling Center :

The Counseling Center provides mental health services to registered students at the University of Redlands.
Student Development Center,on the lower level of the Armacost Library
Tel: 909-748-8108 | Fax: 909-335-5118
Business Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm(M-F) | Appointment Hours: 8:00am-8:00pm(M-Th)8:00am-5:00pm(F) Closed during Summer
FOR AFTER HOURS MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS: Contact our 24/7 Crisis Line at 909-748-8960
Quick important links:

Student Health Resources:

Quick important links:

LiveWell Bulldogs- Student Health and Wellness Education :

Be empowered to live a healthy and invigorating life at Redlands.
Quick Important Links:




Academic Support & Resources

Financial Information

SFS (Student Financial Services)

Lester_102215_0082 1440x550.jpg

Want to connect with Student Financial Services:
Email: SFS@redlands.edu
Call: (909)748-8047


Quick Financial Help:

Student Financial Services FAQs: 

1. How will the billing statements be sent to us?

The billing statements will be available online on your student's Self-Service Portal in the Student Finance section. Statements are sent out in early July for the fall semester and mid-November for the spring semester. Your student can access this via MyRedlands, and can enroll you as a proxy user. As a proxy user, you have your own login credentials to view your student's account information and make online payments. You can refer to this page for more information.

2. Can we release your student's information to you?

Our office takes great care to safeguard your student's personal information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). We do not release protected personal information unless specifically authorized to do so by the student.

All students who wish to have their information accessible by parents or other designated persons should complete the Authorization for Release of Information Form and turn this in to the Registrar's Office. For more information, please visit The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act web site.

3. Are you interested in obtaining a parent loan?

Please see the information here regarding the Federal Parent PLUS loan available to parents of dependent students.

You can also view our alternative loan page and private loan options, available to parents, grandparents, and other parties who have a vested interest in the student.

4. What if the FAFSA does not accurately reflect my family's current situation?

Certain changes in family circumstances may affect a family's ability to pay educational expenses and can be used as the basis for a Special Circumstances Review. Eligible circumstances for review include, but are not limited to, loss or reduction of employment, separation or divorce, unusual medical expenses not covered by insurance, and loss of benefits such as social security or child support.

Request for review must be documented using the Special Circumstances Appeal form. Requests will be reviewed by a Student Financial Services committee and will reach a decision in approximately two weeks. Please note: Students who wish to be considered for an appeal must file a FAFSA before an appeal can be considered.

Visit the links below for information on how you can help your student make decisions about college, compare college costs, and finance your student's education:

Residence Life and Housing

RLH (Residence Life and Housing)

Anderson Front 820x420.jpg

Want to connect with Residence Life and Housing
Hunsaker Building (2nd floor, Student Affairs Suite)
Phone: (909) 748-8053 | Email: RLH@redlands.edu 
1200 East Colton Ave,
Redlands, CA 92373

Quick Housing Help:

Can't find an answer to your question? Check out the Undergraduate Student FAQs or Graduate Student FAQs. 

Need additional help or information? Please contact the RLH Department: 

Email: RLH@redlands.edu | Call: (909)748-8053

Notable dates

Dates reflect the 2023-2024 academic school year. 2024-2025 information coming soon.

College of Arts and Sciences:

Fall 2023
August 24-26 Students Arrive
August 28  Classes begin
Nov 22-24 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 1 Last day of classes
Dec 4-7 Final exams
Spring & May 2024
Jan 10 Classes begin
Feb 26 - Mar 1 Spring Break
April 17 Last day of classes
April 18 - 23 Final exams
April 25-27 Commencement
May 6 May Term begins
May 31 Final Exams

School of Business & Society:

Fall 2023
June 24- July 15 School of Business & Society Registration
August 28 School of Business & Society First 8 week period begins
October 21 School of Business & Society First 8 week period ends
October 23  School of Business & Society Second 8 week period begins
Nov 22 to Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break - University Closed
Nov 6 to Dec 29 School of Business & Society Advising/Registration Spring 2023
December 16 School of Business & Society Second 8 week period ends
Dec 18 to Dec 7 Winter Holiday - University Closed
Spring 2024
Jan 8 School of Business & Society First 8 week period begins
Jan 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - University Closed
March 2 School of Business & Society First 8 week period ends
March 4 School of Business & Society Second 8 week period begins
April 25-27 Commencement
March 18 to April 19 School of Business & Society Advising/Registration Summer 2023
April 27 School of Business & Society Second 8 week period ends
See full calendar below for Summer 2024 dates

School of Education: 

Fall 2023
August 8 to August 27 School of Education Registration/Advising Fall 2023
September 5 School of Education First day of classes Fall A
October 23 School of Education Fall B period begins
Nov 22-24 School of Education Fall Term Break
Dec 9 School of Education Fall B period ends
December 11 to January 7 School of Education Registration/Advising Spring 2023
December 18 to January 7  Winter Holiday - University Closed
Spring 2024
January 8 School of Education Spring A period begins
February 26 to March 1 School of Education Spring Break
March 4 School of Education Spring B period begins
April 8 to April 28 School of Education Advising/Registration Summer 2023
April 20 School of Education Spring B period ends
April 25-27 School of Education Commencement
For Summer 2024 dates please refer to full academic calendar link below


Latest News

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U of R events amplify student voices during week-long effort

U of R celebrates Pride Month

New events planned for 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Are students required to live on campus?

As a result of the University's commitment to being a residential campus, all students must live on campus and have a meal plan. The requirement is for the duration of their time as a student unless they are 23 years of age or older, living with parents or legal guardians within 30 miles of campus, or are married or in a registered domestic partnership. Please note, housing is not guaranteed for students under the age of 16 or over 23 years old and is only provided if space is available. Only students who have received off-campus approval from Residence Life and Housing or in partnership with Student Financial Services (SFS) are exempt from the housing and meal plan requirement.

Any new student who meets one of the exemptions, for example living with a parent within 30 miles of campus, must complete the optional off-campus questions included at the end of the New/Transfer Student Housing Intention Form for consideration. This is the only housing form needed for both on and off-campus consideration.

Once a student receives confirmation of their off-campus approval from Residence Life and Housing, their checklist will be updated to reflect completing the Meal Plan selection step. While participating in a meal plan is permitted for off-campus students, it is not required of students approved off-campus.

Is it required to maintain the University’s health insurance plan? Information?

The University requires all CAS undergraduate students enrolled in nine or more units to have health insurance that provides access to local health care.  Health insurance must be maintained throughout the year.  After the deadline stated in the link below, students who did not submit proof of insurance will be enrolled in the annual insurance coverage. Check out the Student Health Insurance Plan page for more information and steps to waive or enroll.

When do fall semester bills go out?

Fall Semester Bills go out in early July.  For more information about important billing dates, please refer to Important Dates | University of Redlands

What does the U of R provide in student rooms?

What does the school provide in the rooms?

In the residence halls, the furniture provided includes a bed, desk, set of drawers or a dresser, closet or wardrobe, and chair. In the apartments, limited living room furniture, as well as a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, are provided.

Can risers be put on the bedposts to give a little extra storage space?

Almost all the beds in the residence halls can be raised with a request to our Facilities team once students arrive on campus. Bed risers that cup the legs are permitted, although please know risers are used at the student’s risk. Other types of rising items, such as cinder blocks, are not allowed.

Will storage trunks fit under their beds?

While it depends on the size of the trunk and the adjusted height of the bed, most trunks do fit under beds. However, it is recommended that storage containers be purchased after move-in to ensure that proper measurements can be taken.

Are microwaves permitted in the rooms?

No, but microwaves are available in the community kitchens in each hall or apartment. 

For more questions, check out the RLH FAQs

What should students bring?


Essentials to Bring Optional Items to Bring Items you MUST LEAVE AT HOME
XL twin bed linens, pillows and towels Computer, television, radio and electronics Microwave
Toiletries, shower caddy and shower shoes Power strip, surge protector Halogen lamps
Electronic chargers Desk lamp Air conditioning units
Room decorations Flashlight Candles and incense
Personal items to make your room feel like home Fans or evaporative cooler (Fairmont, Anderson, Bekins) Open coil hot plates or cooking units
Clothes and hangers Storage bins Cinder blocks
Laundry bag and detergent (no powder or pods) Refrigerator (maximum 4 cu ft) Hoverboard
Personal medication, FDA approved COVID-19 Testing Kits, Face Masks Eating utensils and dishes Pets (only small reptiles, fish and birds permitted with roommate approval)
School supplies and backpack Cleaning supplies Weapons (including firearms, pellet/airsoft guns, paint guns, Mace/tear gas, ANY knives/blades greater than 2.5" in length, etc.)


Are printers, printer ribbon, etc. necessary?

No, students have a printing budget and can print from computer labs on campus.

For more questions, check out the RLH FAQs


What is the parking situation at U of R?

What is the parking situation?

Parking on campus is free, although students must pick up a parking pass from Public Safety. Students without passes may receive tickets from Public Safety. If a student receives a parking ticket and wants to pay it off or has questions, Public Safety is the place to go. 

Is there indoor bike parking on campus?

No, unfortunately there is no indoor bike parking on campus.Multiple bike racks are available throughout campus for students to lock their bikes.  To help prevent the theft of bicycles, Public Safety recommends securing bicycles with a high-security U-lock attached to an immovable object in open, well-lit, and highly visible areas. Public Safety also highly recommends registering your bike with the Department of Public Safety and the City of Redlands. If it is found, they can return it to you.  Contact Public Safety for more information.

Where can parents park when visiting and unloading dorm supplies during orientation?

Parents are welcome to park in any open space that is not reserved. If you are close to the front of the building when unloading, please move your vehicle to a space further away once you are finished to allow another family to use the space near the building.

Commute Questions

Are bike rentals available on campus?

The University does not offer bike rentals.  However, students can access our Outdoor Programs bike repair shop should they bring their bike to campus.  Students who use the bike repair shop on campus will only be charged for the cost of the parts.

Are there options to car share?

There is no car sharing option available at this time.

How does the U of R mail work?

When will I be able to get my mailbox number so that I can start mailing stuff to my room?

The Student Mail Center will mail welcome letters in July or so and students are asked to start mailing their items no more than 2 weeks before their arrival due to limited space. The Student Mail Center can help you with further questions and information. 

Are students notified if a package arrives for them?

Students receive an email that is a package notification, yes.

Can we ship packages by UPS to the student mailbox numbers?

Yes! Student Mail Center

How do out-of-state students bring their bedding?

The Student Mail Center will accept packages for students up to two weeks prior to their arrival, giving students and families some time to work with deliveries.

Do students keep the same mailbox all four years?

Yes.  Students will have the same mailbox unless they take a leave of absence or move off-campus.

How do students learn about clubs and organizations?

View the list of over 100 clubs and organizations here. There is also an involvement fair hosted during the first week of classes. Students have the opportunity to learn more about each club that they are interested in during this fair. Encourage your student to be on the lookout for this event. Students can also Rush in the Spring semester. So if you are interested in Greek Life, be on the lookout for information on Rush dates.

Does Redlands have student government?

Associated Students of the University of Redlands is the student government on the University of Redlands. There are many different ways to get involved in ASUR, even as a first-year student! Branches include Cabinet, Senate, and Judicial Council. ASUR is based on the pillars of representation, engagement, enhancement, and leadership, and believes that a true student government is one run for students, by students. The organization represents students on issues including academics, university policy, student affairs, and other areas that directly affect the experience of students. Moreover, ASUR provides high-quality programming and special events that reflect the interests and needs of the student body. Email asur_president@redlands.edu for more information. 

When can students join a fraternity or sorority?

Students who have completed 28 college credits, have a GPA of 2.5 and higher, and are in good standing with the University are eligible to participate in Rush. Click here for more questions directly related to Greek Life.

How do students submit student ID photos?

New students submit their photos through this link.

Returning students submit their photos through this link.