Urgent Situations & Emergencies

What is an urgent situation?

An urgent situation is one in which you are concerned about yourself or another person who may be:

  • at risk for suicide
  • at risk for harm to others
  • having difficulty functioning, i.e., not eating, not sleeping, etc.
  • psychotic symptoms, ie, hearing voices or seeing things that are not there

These sorts of situations cannot wait for a routine intake appointment. Here are your options:

During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm:

Call the Counseling Center, 909-748-8108, and let the administrative assistant know that you (or another student) need(s) to talk with a therapist as soon as possible. The administrative assistant will need to talk with the student in order to obtain contact information and a brief description of the situation. 

If the crisis counselor is not available at that time, the administrative assistant will ask for the student's availability that day and will schedule a same-day phone assessment. The crisis counselor will call the student at the agreed upon time, will make a phone assessment, and will develop a plan for the student for care.

After Hours Assistance

You can reach a crisis counselor by calling the Counseling Center's 24/7 Crisis Line:


If you are viewing this on your mobile device, click this phone number to dial immediately 909-748-8960.