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Starting Fall 2023


Esports is coming to Redlands

We are excited to announce that University of Redlands is launching an esports program, offering students opportunities to engage in healthy competition, teamwork, and integrated academic programs.

Esports is rapidly growing through professional-level teams and is now being adopted by colleges and universities nationwide. Redlands will be among more than 175 institutions officially offering a varsity esports program.

The full, collegiate, student-athlete esports experience will include weekly practices, matches, workouts, team building, and travel. There are also opportunities for non-competitive gamers to be involved and receive hands-on experience as team managers, analysts, content creators, and production managers. The program might also include intramural competitions involving students, staff, and faculty of all skill levels competing on campus.

While we expect to formally launch the esports program in Fall of 2023, there will be opportunities to preview the program.

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