Tuition and Fees
College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate

2022/23 Estimated Standard Tuition Rates

Full Year $55,328
Half Year $27,664
Per Credit Rate $1,729

*2022/23 tuition and fee schedule is effective July 1, 2022

All full time undergraduate students who register in 19 units or less are billed flat rate tuition. Students not enrolled full-time are billed the per unit rate. 


Students enrolled in more than 19 units or more will be charged the per unit rate for each unit in excess of 19.

Special Status Students

Special status students are billed the per unit rate for registered courses. Students must be approved through the Office of the Registrar to register as a Special Status Undergraduate student.

Special status students include:

  • Part-time, less than 12 units
  • Individualized study

May Term

Per Credit Rate: $1,729
Room: $410
Board: $422


All new students are charged a one-time, $150 matriculation fee.

All full-time students are charged an Associated Student Fee of $175 per semester. 

Undergraduate Auditing

Degree Candidates $1,729
Non-Degree Students   $225
High School Students $120


There is no charge for auditing by full-time undergraduate students within full-year (38 credits) or half-year (19 credits) limits. However, if auditing a course takes the total number of credits beyond the stated limit, the excess credit fee will apply. Full-time students may not audit applied music courses.